4 Easy Ways to Think of Blog Post Topics

Some bloggers find it very difficult to think of quality blog topic ideas. As a blogger and entrepreneur, you rely on your blogs and websites for at least a portion of your income. Whether or not blogging is directly related to your income or it drives customers to your actual business, having fresh new content is incredibly important.

This is no surprise, but what may be surprising to you is how difficult it is to find topics to write about on a consistent basis.

Later on we’ll get into whether or not to have a posting schedule and how often you should be posting fresh content, but for now, let’s assume that you post twice per week. That’s over 100 articles per year that you need to post that need to be fresh, engaging, and something that your readers want to read.

Here are some tips on how to think of blog post ideas:

See What is Trending on Twitter

Twitter may be able to help you think of blog topic ideas.

Type in a hashtag related to your niche (for me, it would be #blog, #blogging, or #blogger), and see what pops up. There may be people asking questions, some good discussion around some key issues in the niche, or even just commentary from tweeps that you may want to address.

Check Your Search Engine Referral Terms

This is one of my favorite ways of thinking of blog posts ideas. Log on to either your Google Analytics, or your dashboard stats, and find out what terms lead readers to your blog to begin with.

It’s a gold mine of great ideas, and if you can split one question up into two posts like I’ve done with blog commenting (why it’s important to have a lot of comments on your blog, and how to get them), then you have two post ideas that will clearly be what people want to read (since they were looking for that information to begin with).

Read Comments Sections of Other Blogs in Your Niche

People are fairly easy to read, especially when they put it all out there on the comments section of other blogs. You can also re-read your own comment section.

Write posts about issues that people bring up, questions that they may have or even key points they have that you can expand upon.

When you are thinking of blog post ideas, it’s easiest to expand upon discussion that is already happening rather than try to generate discussion around something that isn’t in the periphery yet.

Read Something Else

I use this method quite often as I find it to be very effective. When I am having “writer’s block”, I find an article or a book or even a newspaper to read. I find things to write about in the text.

For instance, I came up with this particular article idea by reading a blog post from a fellow blogger, who mentioned that she was having some writer’s block and having a hard time thinking of an article idea for the upcoming week.

This got me to thinking how I find article ideas, which gave me the idea to write an article on.. well, how to think of things to write about.

It’s foolproof.

Do you struggle with coming up with blog post topic ideas?

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