4 Tips to Get More Comments on Your Blog Posts

There’s no doubt in my mind that the number of comments that one gets on their blog posts is important in Seoeasy. We discussed why here. It seems as if everyone wants to get more comments on their posts.

The number of commenters on your blog posts can lead to more sales, more exposure, and more income. Whether your rely on your blog for your income solely, or you are trying to achieve financial freedom by working from home, you want to make as much as possible. It’s important to ensure that you are making the most out of each and every article.

Without further adieu, here is what has really worked for me in cultivating more comments on my blog posts:

Comment on Other Bloggers Posts

Many of your blog commenters will be other bloggers. You will likely get commenters that aren’t bloggers, too, but generally bloggers tend to get the name of the game and reach out to you by commenting on your blog posts.

This is a good method; if you comment on blog posts of other bloggers, they are more likely to reciprocate.

Don’t expect an influx of comments after commenting once, though. Sometimes, in order to get other bloggers to notice you, you have to comment consistently.

Write Controversial Posts for More Comments

A little controversy never hurt when it comes to driving engagement to your blog. There are a lot of opinions out there, and most people are more than happy to share them.

Of course if you write a controversial post and you have no traffic and no readers, you won’t get any comments, so this method should be combined with other methods (such as the one above – commenting on other blogger’s posts).

Make Sure Your Posts are Easily Readable (So People Want to Comment)

If you write a whale post (over 1,000 words), you can’t expect that you will get a ton of comments. Whale posts serve their purpose, but they aren’t the type of articles that a reader can read over quickly and leave a quick comment on.

Make sure they are also easy to follow. There’s nothing worse than trying to leave a comment on a post that is confusing and poorly presented.

Ask a Question At the End of Your Post

Make it easy for your readers to leave a comment – ask a question of them at the end of the post!

Engagement on a blog is all about readers wanting to carry on a dialogue, share their personal stories, and be involved. Asking questions of your readers is a great way to foster this.

For instance, at the end of this post, I might ask other experienced bloggers “how do you ensure that your readers comment on your posts?”, and I might ask my beginner SeoEasy what their biggest challenge is when it comes to driving commenters to their sites.

Comments are good. Make sure to get more comments on your blog articles!

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