7 SEO Tips To Improve Your Business

If you have an excellent website, one that is easy to navigate, offers a clear description of your products and services, and has features in place to convert visitors into customers, but are still not making money from your website, then you need to consider improving your SEO to increase organic traffic from the search engines.

7 Tips To Improve Your SEO

1. Target audience

The first thing, you must consider before beginning any SEO is to get a clear idea of your target audience. If you are unclear about the types of people you want to visit your website, then you have not identified your target audience. In this case, your SEO will not be focused and you will not benefit from it. So the first thing that you should do to get a good idea of what people are looking for in your niche is to begin keyword research.

2. Title Tag

What are the words that appear on the top of your browser window when people click on the URL to your website? Do they communicate keywords related to your business? Remember, these words will also be in the blue links in Google’s search engine ranking pages.

3. Unique Title Tags

Your title tags on each page should be unique. They should help identify exactly what the page is all about, and tempt people to read it.

4. Internal Linking

You should have a link from your homepage to all your internal pages. You should also have links from your internal pages back to your homepage as well as to any other related pages. This will create a network of links that makes it easier for search engine crawlers and visitors to navigate through your website. Even if you have an excellent menu and all visitors have to do is look to the top or the side of their webpage to figure out where to go next, you should have this internal linking network set-up.

5. Address

Your company name, physical address and contact information should be on every page. Although you may consider this redundant, since people can simply look up and see the information on your website banner or see the “contact us” page, you should still add your address to every page.

6. Public Profiles

You should have your business profile on different social networking sites like Yahoo Local, Google Local Business Center, Merchant Circle, and so on. There are many websites that simulate the familiar Yellow Pages, and you should take full advantage of them to include your business information. Unlike the traditional Yellow Pages, there is no cost to be included and it gives people interested in what you have to offer many ways to find out about your business.

7. Drive Traffic

When you work on creating traffic to your websites, you will also create a rich network of links that point back to your online business. These links, referred to as backlinks, are considered by Google to be votes approving your website. The more votes you have, the more likely you will be considered an authority site, and this will allow you to rank high in the search engines.

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