Earn Commissions With Affiliate Programs

An overview on the three most common ways of recompense in affiliate programs.

1. Click (per click)

The affiliate is paid every time a user clicks on a link to the merchant site. It is therefore on the concept of generation of traffic and audience that this type of program is based. This appears therefore attractive enough for an affiliate, since there is no need to worry about this fact.

2. prospect (per lead)

The affiliate receives a remuneration if the user leaves on the site of the merchant its coordinates (e-mail, for example) or if it fills a form. What interests the merchant here is to gather a base of voluntary and often pre-qualified prospects if they come from well-selected affiliate sites.

3. Offer (per sale)

When a visitor from the affiliate’s site makes a purchase on the affiliate merchant’s site, the affiliate pays a fixed or proportional commission to the amount of the sale to the affiliate.

For ex: eToys began with 12% commissions, but had to offer 25% for its program to succeed in winning.

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