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The successive updates of the Google algorithm, including the last one did some damage, are some pikes who remind SEO should not put everything in one basket. That is why today we will look more closely at SMO through the example of Facebook pages and employee may well be a source of traffic without limits.

Facebook for SEO Guide

I saw in some SEOs (fortunately not at all) a very poor use of Facebook, so I write a small guide facebook for SEO to the attention of the SEOs.

Why SEO does not know how to use Facebook?

Many SEO are quite a lot of Facebook, the reason is not very hard to find because almost everything it takes to ranker in the serp, are the opposite of what should be done in SMO . Farewell automation, so pleasant to use SEO.

The big difference is that with Google everything is done with a robot, whereas Facebook is much with humans, although there is a somewhat probing algorithm.

We will see later how it works more precisely, and some techniques to make the contribution. But look first on the usefulness of a strategy on the social network.

What can I bring Facebook?

Regarding positioning on search engines, lets be clear from the beginning; do not expect to ranker your site through Facebook.
But do not leave immediately; in terms of traffic Facebook can be daunting even for qualified traffic (yes).

More Facebook pages ranking lot, which can be useful in a strategy of Serp domination

Do not be fooled either, Facebook can be a waste of time and huge money depending on your market, and how it is used.

Finally remark Facebook and social networks in general are not the magical paradise promised by some agencies, hiding behind ROO (return on objective), in an attempt to hide very low ROI.

Through this article I therefore propose some elements to better understand the functioning of Facebook, and better use through different tracks.

Finally do not forget that like SEO, SMO there is Blackhat and see what it is.

How the Edge Rank?

So you can see first publications of your best friends, pages you most fond of, and not be invaded, all publications are past the mill Edge Rank to eliminate some publications.

It will take into account the type of publication (media, link status), the actions that will be carried out (share, comment, I like click), and the speed of interaction.

It is essential that you understand how it works, in its entirety, to be visible.

In terms of SEO, SMO and I always tried to take the problem at the source by putting myself in the shoes of an engineer who makes his algorithm: what are the factors that seem relevant to my site well positioned or a page is more visible than others.

It is a strategy that I highly recommend and bears fruit. If your page is visible two words are important: interaction and speed.
Now for the different acquisition strategies of fans and interactions.

How to get more fans?

Whether SEO or SMO, we are still more or less remains round about the same question and often starts to resemble the wilderness. The white hats will tell you that only good content just will alone is enough. I believe it takes sometimes a little tipsy our hats and give a boost. Lets first few tracks very white.

An elementary solution, but are not always implemented, it is addition on the site facebook like. I see very often on sites link to the Facebook page but no button I like to love directly from the page. The man is very lazy, and having to click on the link to the page after love is very tiring. We have the example with this SEO tips blog http://seoandtips.com/ (icons of many social networking sites to share articles).

Sometimes it is motivated by an aesthetic reason, but Facebook allows customization via css inset. Other tracks (depending on the type of page) enter the address in your email signature.
Let the solutions a little grayer. A strategy that I use regularly is the creation of parallel profile page. Example I have a page for my blog SeoAndTips: SEO news daily updated. I create a profile my side name +SEO news daily updated.
This allows easy identification of the profile, add friends without sharing personal info, invite them to like my page without spamming my real friends with the Penguins. Cautions still goe slow in adding friends, and pay close attention to demand ratio under application-rejected-application accepted. Facebook is quite firm on that, and you can quickly banish you.

Another strategy that I use sometimes for a little boost at the start page is on the set up button I like a blog instead of loving like the article page.

Finally, we must also mention the possibility of buying fans, which may in some cases be considered while paying close attention to the bad buzz that it can generate.  Indeed, in some cases to provide certain legitimacy in launching one can consider. The effect of mass by an average person will be more tempted to love a page with 300 fans and 12 interactions. However, do be very careful with the new page sizes, some statistics are publicly visible, including the most popular city in terms of fans.

To conclude this part on the number of fans, it is really important not to worry too much about this figure. The interaction is really the most important information. We seek quality and not quantity.
Here is an example by which you will understand very easily.

I have two facebook pages that I administer:
First with 1211 entries I love.      Second page with 410 mentions I love.
In 1211 like entries only 8 people have seen the news feed while on the other 275 people saw it. You can see very clearly the importance of having the interaction on this page.

How to have more interaction?

The interaction will allow you to enter the virtuous circle of visibility. I again offer some basic techniques to increase interaction.

  • Share relevant content and do this at a relatively low frequency (compared to Twitter). Two news in a day for me is a high frequency of publication.
  •     Remember that this is not a robot that reads you. Facebook gets in the absence of meta title, meta description.
  •     If you publish an article, humanize publication by commenting, you can also encourage people to interact (including institutional pages).
  • Post occasionally humorous images for interaction.

So some ideas for future publications, we now turn to techniques a little black hat.

There are agencies that used multiple accounts to like / comment / share publications of the brand.This increases the visibility of publications. You can search them on google.

I do not issue value judgments about the operation, but in terms of result is something that works.

You can also make users believe that our publication is a video (which reads in Facebook), whereas it is actually a link.

There are obviously many other possibilities and techniques, just to be curious and test.

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