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If you want to be successful in google search engine optimization SEO of your website then it is necessary to know the knowledge of google search ranking factors.

I will explain in detail how each page is assigned to the score that determines its position in search engine results. All the factors that determine the rank or score of a page are analyzed and therefore the reasons that cause the sandbox effect are revealed.\

Date of the document

The date is important to assign a score. To determine the date of a document, there are several ways this can be the date of indexation, or the date on which a link is placed on the page.
If the number of links on a page increases faster than for older page, it will give a better rank, but may also flag spamming.
If a document is newer than the average of pages in a result set, you can assign a higher score to improve its position in order to take account of its novelty.

Changing content

The rank of a page does not remain same as the content of the document is often changed or not. To determine the changes, you can store the entire document or a signature that represents the essential document. The score can be positive or negative depending on these changes.

Analysis of queries and clicks on the results

Google can take into account how a document is selected from the results of a query.
If certain terms appear more frequently in user queries, a web page associated with these terms (containing or having backlinks which contains them) will have a better page ranking. If a document often corresponds to similar requests, this document will get a better rank score. We take into account the fact that some queries are maintained over time while the pages that respond are not the same (eg in sports results). The rank decreases if the page does not respond to the request. In some areas, such as FAQs, the novelty of a web page is important and improves the rank.
However, if users click on the link in an earlier page and ignore the most recent, this document will have a better ranking score.
A document that appears more often in queries on a theme, but when the field is less accurate, google will lower its rank. If a document appears in queries without reporting them, it signals a spam and rank is reduced.

How backlinks affect google search ranking

The appearance and disappearance of backlinks is also taken into account by google.
If the appearance of new backlinks decreases with time, then the rank of a page will be reduced and if this number tends to grow it will have a better page rank.
If the content of a document is changed, but the link provided on another page is maintained, it adds value to this link and therefore increases the rank of the linked page in google search results.
The value of links increases if they are monopolized, which is the case for government sites. The rate of appearance of backlinks indicates spam. It is assumed that a given type of pages attract links at a given speed. If too many backlinks appear, it involves an exchange or purchase links, or pages open enrollment and this is spam.

The text anchors

Changing the anchor text means there has been an update of the document.
If the text changes and differs from the wording of the anchors, this means an overhaul of the document, and that it is no longer relevant with the anchors, which is not desirable.
Google can determine the date when a domain changes and thematic links prior to the date will be ignored.
If the document undergoing minor changes, we must keep the wording of the anchors, seniority is a guarantee of relevance.


Traffic from advertising is taken into account. If advertisements are placed on other high traffic websites, then the page will have a better ranking score with adverts from minor sites.

Visitor behavior

The number of times a page is selected in the search results is taken into account, as well as the time taken to access the page. According to the visitor spends more or less time on a page, it will be considered relevant or exceeded. If visitors spend less time on a page, it will be considered obsolete.

Information on the domain name

The data server name, the domain owner, contacts, addresses, server names, are taken into account. Frequent changes are signs of spam. IP and other data used for these sites are stored in a volatile database and associated documents.
The name server is considered better if referring to different domains for different registrars. It is bad if it hosts porn sites, spam sites, domains containing words malls.
The rank of a page also depends on the domain and hosting.

Previous ranks

Previous rows are taken into account. The number of positions that a document in a given time wins modifies its score. However, if a rank is high while the positions tend to change over time on a subject, this indicates a business topic and spam probability greater. If the number of selections for a page tends to increase, or if the selections are more frequent, the page will have a better page rank.
The google takes peaks care in the ranks of documents, synonymous news or spam. To make a difference, various factors are taken into account. A document mentioned in the news, for example, is not a spam.
Conversely, a sudden drop of rank of a page indicates that it is exceeded.
In conclusion, the evolution of the rank of a page affects your position in search engines and future rank.


Bookmarks and other type of data affect the score of a document. Being added or removed from this type of list is taken into account. That is accessed often affects document in the list too. Cache, temporary directories are taken into account, as well as cookies. This indicates whether a document is accessed or if it is not interested.

Irrelevant links

Irrelevant links incoming or outgoing is an indicator of spam and lower the page rank of the page.

Theme of document

It is used to determine the score. The theme of a document is determined from rare words, URL, summary, content, etc..If the subject of a set of documents changes, it denotes an owner or a different theme and all information on the document becomes obsolete. Or it means that the document is used for spamming.

If you will keep in mind all these google ranking factors in google Search Engine Optimization SEO of your site, you will certainly get top google ranking within short period of time.

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