How to Do Social Bookmarking in SEO for Blogger?

Why we do social bookmarking? What Google think about it? Is it according to Google rules and regulation? Aren’t any spamming? Bookmarking techniques now after Google changing algorithms? What to do Google Penguin in this matter? Here are some hot question relates to social bookmarking in off page SEO. Social bookmarking although a old seo off page techniques that is not very famous in nowadays seo after implementing and inventing such techniques like “link earning: and “link acquisition”.

There are many software houses appoint link builder especially for such kind of works like directories submission, social bookmarking and social media but doesn’t know about the factor love to Google perspective. Some webmaster says that” SEO has been dead” but technically professional webmaster knows the truth about SEO. So SEO is not dead but changed completely and change also social bookmarking techniques.

Techniques to Do Social Bookmarking For SEO

First of all you need to do collect some high PR social bookmarking sites list that I mentioned below. After collect understand each site principle because every site work according to its structure, some site required registers users authority, so you have to participate as a regular user without concerning of your sites.

Things to Remember during quality Social Bookmarking

  • Don’t Spam
  • Regular Participate
  • Select Quality Sites
  • Keep track your activity
  • Some sites required more than 10 Like to active/publish your link so make sure about those sites
  • Some sites removed your publish after some time
  • Don’t focus only your sites
  • Place some news and short publish to popular sites like “Mashable” “techcrunch” “BBC”

How Social Bookmarking helps in SEO:

After publish your blog story, you must bookmark it in some worthy sites like “StumbleUpon” for increase visibility and ranking.  Make sure bookmarking isn’t the only technique to boost ranking in search result. If your site worth more than 40 according to “MOZ” than this techniques will suits you.

Site Authority VS Social Bookmarking:

Check your site authority and page rank via different off page tool, if you get more than 40 than start this technique for boost ranking. Some blogs get position of 1st to 2nd page of Google after publishing content, so here you implement this technique to get top ranking.

If your site not shoeing in Google top 10 search result than this technique couldn’t be better for you and you get nothing just waste of time.

Best Quality Social bookmarking Sites:

Here are some quality sites for your off page SEO concern, some of you already knows and understand the fundamental principle.

  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • DesignFloat
  • FC43

So grab these sites and work according to sites rules and regulation, some most popular blogs like mashable, techradar, redmondpie are also working on these sites and you already know about these sites worth.

I will discuss some more useful seo tips and tricks in our next post regarding change off page techniques, so stay with us for regular update more useful article like “how to do social bookmarking in seo”.

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