How to Generate a Good Traffic on a New Website?

Getting website traffic is difficult for everyone now in these era.So here we gather some points for you  to get Website Traffic on your New Websites.

What you Will Learn

  • How to generate a good traffic on a new website?
  • If you are creating a new website, then how can you bring quality traffic to your website?
  • Can a website Challenge the old well established website?

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How to generate a good traffic on a new website?

Firstly, you need to analyse every aspect of your website like: Meta tags ( Why Meta Tags are Important?), description, keywords and more, on the page while performing SEO. Here let me tell you that keywords play a major role in page ranking for your website. So, analysis being the first step, learn what are the Google Ranking Factors and what are the suitable keywords for your website? Based on your research and analysis ensure that you select an appropriate keyword for SEO of your website. However, it is believed by many that to bring more traffic to your website you must find long tail keywords. Also, consider those keywords that are mostly searched by the user.

If you are creating a new website then how can you bring quality traffic to your blog/website?

According to SEO professionals, it is better to stay focused on long tail Keywords, as it helps in drifting more traffic to your website. At the same time, you must always try to use these keywords in the Meta title description and in the web content. Whereby, this becomes highly optimized in the major search engines like Google. Hence, this will again drift more traffic to your site. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, use keywords that are searched by people regularly. Also, ensure that the keyword is completely relevant to your products and services.

The other most important factor that can help you in bringing more traffic to your website is SMO. You must also focus on SMO (social media optimization) for your website. Why SMO? Well today 90% people are active on various social media like: Twitter, facebook, G+, Linkedin, Pinterst. So, this is another best source from where you can get traffic to your website. SO, create your own page and post informative and unique content rightly stuffed with relevant keywords in it. All this helps you in getting traffic to your website from all across the globe. Make sure to provide a hyperlink of all your social media networking pages on your website.

Now, besides the keyword stuffing the other factor that can bring good traffic to your website is unique content. Yes! If your content is relevant to the subject and unique as ever, then for sure people would be interested in spending some time in reading it.If you don’t know then you should learn How to Create Unique and Interesting Content on Your Blog. If you want to make your website SEO friendly then it is essential that you focus on the content and its uniqueness.

Well, all this is mainly done for enhancing website visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Whereby, there are different strategies that implementation of which can help you in improving the visibility of your website on search engines. Some of which are mentioned here: SMM, SEO, SEM. All these are the platforms that help in improving website visibility on every major search engine.

All the above mentioned strategies are most important for enhancing business online. Whereby, SEO involves various aspects like blog posting and creation, forum posting, directory submission, bookmarking, guest blog posts and much more. In short this entire process is based on unique and fresh content. Of course the undeniable fact is that everything you try to do on the internet for promotion depends on the content you are posting. Whereby, besides uniqueness, the content must also consist of relevant information.

Now, if you want to bring more traffic to your website then start performing the following activities:

  • Write for guest posting and do blog commenting.
  • Create and promote your blog.
  • Register for Social bookmarking websites like Delicious Digg ( How to Get Tons of Traffic From Digg ) Reddit, etc.
  • Increase your facebook fan page,And use Facebook for SEO and more.

Well, unlike earlier, now the algorithms and strategies on Google are changing to a wide extend. Whereby, Google has introduced Panda and Penguin for the relevancy of search results. These algorithms lower the low quality or thin websites in search results and help high quality websites to list on the top. In brief, Google is now focused on the welfare and providing thorough awareness of products and services to its viewers.

Can a new website challenge an old well established website?

Well, yes a new website can obviously challenge an old well established website. How? A new website is built on entirely new versions of HTML/HML and CSS along with keeping SEO in mind. Unlike earlier the websites created in past a decade, are more SEO friendly. Whereby, a website is constructed keeping all the SEO Checklist strategies in mind. For instance: The content is stuffed with relevant and highly searched keywords. All this helps to bring more traffic as well as in ranking the website on the top list of search engines.

There are three factors that support new website to challenge the older and well established websites. The three major factors are mentioned below:

  • Content: As said above, content is the key factor in ranking any website. If the content is unique and relevant then Google surely considers such websites.
  • Website Layout: A website layout is another important factor for bringing your website on higher visibility in search result. If one considers Google guideline while constructing a website then it naturally becomes highly visible on the top of search results.
  • Link building: If a new website creates back link on various top notch websites and platforms then it can for sure leave old website behind.

But, if we talk about the domains, it is a fact and truth in SEO that if you have older domain then even an old domain can challenge new domain.

Well, SEO is a huge pool of ideas and strategies to improve website ranking on search engines. Wherein, content plays a vital role. If you present unique and informative content then you can surely win the race. So, keep learning the latest strategies and algorithms updated on Google for ranking higher on search engines.

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