How to Get Tons of Traffic From Digg is banned from Digg. *GASP* I know, I know, how could this be? Apparently they didn’t like my Commenting to Riches strategy. While most bloggers would panic at being banned by Digg…I’m not most bloggers. Digg users don’t seem to appreciate that my insightful commentary is followed by a signature; or so it would seem. But I’ve received thousands of visitors thanks to Digg…and I continue to do so.

None of my pages can be “Dugg”, I can’t comment on the Digg site, and yet I still receive visitors because of Digg. Sometimes hundreds a day. What’s the secret?

I comment to riches…only not on Digg. I comment directly on blogs that are up and coming in Digg. That way when they explode, the Digg users see my comments just belw the articles. You can’t get better exposure than that, and there’s nothing Digg can do about it.

Where before Digg users would vote my comments down for having a signature, now they can’t do anything but read it. And for every hater who used to vote it down, there are 10 who are intrigued and visit my site.

When life gives you lemons…you’re not trying hard enough
Every “problem” is an opportunity in disguise: in this case, getting banned from Digg helped me utilize it better.

As I’ve mentioned before, this blog has never advertised in any way beyond comments. Obviously I will expand my marketing in the future, but for now, it’s proven quite effective.

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