How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs are a blogger’s best friend. I repeat: affiliate programs are a blogger’s best friend. If you do not utilize affiliate programs on your blog, you’re missing out.

Why I Love Affiliate Programs

  1. Affiliate programs encourage you to try new products.
  2. Affiliate programs allow you to monetize your blog…even on opening day!
  3. Affiliate programs pay generous commissions rather than the bare minimum per click they can get by on.

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How to Take Advantage

  1. Choose a Product or Service You Love (or Dislike): There has to be some product you love on the internet. Maybe it’s your web host, maybe it’s an eBook you read. If you can’t think of any, try one. If that fails, choose one you dislike.
  2. Write an Honest Review: Make sure that whatever you write, it’s true. In my first affiliate review I made the mistake of trying to puff up a book that honestly lacked both sizzle and substance. It came out in my review, and my readers smelled it from a mile away. Always review honestly. If the product stinks, you will buy credibility. The next time you have a positive review, your readers will act on it.
  3. Reference it From Time to Time: If you wrote a good review, mention it from time to time so new readers can benefit from your recommendation, or heed your warning.

In the last week alone, I’ve made hundreds of dollars on affiliate program ads.

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