Is Guest Posting Useful or Just Waste of Time, 5 Benefits

How the guest posting is beneficial for your blog or website. There is a clear split between the opinions of different bloggers and web developers. Some say out its benefits and some seems to be annoyed with the trick of guest posting blaming that is not fair game in blogging.

After individual discussion with many of the bloggers and site developers in contact, we personally screen out the both sides of picture to enhance the suggested idea about guest posting. We have taken into account, a few of the benefits and few damages of guest posting. It is actually the donated content by freelance writer to reputed and authoritative blogs which in turn cast multiple benefits to the writers. Let’s take a look at both ends of the string.

Advantages of Guest Posting

1. Guest posting is an easy source of acquiring content when you are running a known and reputed blog. You may get versatile vocabulary and classified content.

2. With this, a freelance writer can earn a name in his field. When associated with a reputed blog, you script is given some extra rating automatically and it ultimately helps you developing wider relations in the market with relevant identities.

3. Giving the guest posts to some good blogs or website, you can earn free back link which masterly split a fair share of internet traffic to your website or blog. In this way you really need nothing hard to do in order to fetch visitors on your page via search engine optimization. It saves much of your time and effort.

4. Guest posts let you update your blog with more versatile content and tone of script. You can comparatively choose either best of the writer to prolong the data in your blog.

Disadvantages of Guest Posting

1-      It never assures you that your writer has properly understood the context of fair and classified content. You can never state that your writer hasn’t completely violated any rule of duplication. This can cause a serious damage to the rating and health of your site.

2-      Guest will never provides the constant theme and tone of content. Irregular script organizing always let the visitor to lose his interest and it results in a decrease in your traffic.

3-      Guest post provides a prominent identity to a writer with your name who hasn’t sheer up the same level of effort that intended to put on. This provides extra benefits to the writer and ultimate damage to the blog owner.

4-      By guest posting, a free back link goes to the writer’s domain, if he owes any and it cause a sufficient traffic share for him retard by he hasn’t made equal effort update and optimize his blog to bring the same level as much you have. So most of the bloggers oppose guest posts because of this issue.

After a detail analyses, we somehow conclude that guest posting has so far both ends of string. It has multiple benefits in order to attain the regular visits and at the same time it cause unbalanced traffic proportion between blog owner and content writer.

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