Posting Frequency: How Often Should You Be Posting On Your Blog?

A common question that is asked on forums for bloggers, and one that has been emailed to me more than once, is about posting frequency.

Bloggers want to know how often they should be posting, and whether or not their posting frequency will have an effect on their traffic, rankings, and search engine optimization.

I’ve heard the question asked by more experienced as well as new bloggers, and it’s a good of a question as any. Last week we discussed how to get article ideas, so since hopefully you are no longer a slave to writing articles when inspiration hits, let’s talk about posting frequency this week.

Let’s address the effect of your posting frequency first, and then go into how often you should be posting.

How Often You Post and It’s Effect on Traffic

If you have a lot of subscribers to your blog, you will inevitably have a bump in traffic when you post. Your subscribers will get the post to their RSS feeds or inbox, and many will click on the internal links.

If you have fewer subscribers and rely more on search engine referrals for your traffic, you’ll see less of an increase in traffic on a posting day.

Now, if you only post once per month, you’ll have fewer articles that will generate search engine traffic, and fewer articles to generate referral traffic.

The more posts you have, the more traffic you’ll realize, for the most part (due to search engine referrals).

Be careful, however, to not post too often. If you post too often, your really, really good posts – the ones you want everyone to see, read, and share – will be pushed to the bottom or overlooked.

How Often You Update Your Blog’s Effect on Rankings

Most bloggers want to know whether or not their posting frequency will have an effect on their rankings.

The answer is yes, but perhaps not for the reasons you think.

Your posting frequency will effect things like Domain Authority, Page Authority, MozRank, etc, because each article that you post on your blog will give more content for your readers to share, like, and comment on, and more relevant content for search engines to pick up on.

A blog that is never updated will not have amazing rankings, because there will be fewer posts to rank on the site.

Posting Frequency and SEO

How often you post articles on your website absolutely effects search engine optimization. 

If you are clipping along with your blog, and you have 100 articles that get 10 views per day from search engine optimization, and you completely stop posting for a year, your search engine referral traffic will drop.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all prefer up-to-date and active websites. You aren’t going to find an article on a site that hasn’t been updated in two years on the first page of a search, usually.

This doesn’t mean that optimized article has to be new, it just means that the site has to be updated regularly.

Some say that once a month is enough, some once per week.

Posting Frequency

How often you post an article on your blog depends on many factors, including the niche that your blog is in, the standard in that niche, and your readership.

For instance, I post on BloggerPreneurship 1-2 times per month. This is enough for me to realize plenty of search engine and other referral traffic.

Other bloggers tend to like to share, read, and promote blog posts about blogging, so once per month works for me.

On another site that I own and run, I post a new article 2-3 times per week. This works for the niche, as that is what other bloggers seem to do. My readers tend to visit those sites on the same days every week, and by posting on the days I know my readers are checking for new articles, I keep my bounce rate down (as readers aren’t visiting my blog, seeing that there are no new articles, and leaving from the home page), and meet the demand of my readers.

How to Figure Out a Posting Schedule

My suggestion might be to first review what the standard is in your niche.

News sites need to update more than hourly. Fashion sites may need to update every day. Business sites can probably get away with updating once per week.

Taking a sample of 10-20 (successful) blogs would be helpful.

Then, review your ideas for articles and schedule. Do NOT post just to post. You want each article on your site to be engaging, otherwise readers will stop reading your blog. If you can’t think of two blog article ideas per week to commit to your blog, or you don’t have the time to update it twice, try starting out with just once. That way, you won’t be turning out low quality content.

There is no hard and fast formula for how many blog articles you should be posting on your site and at what frequency, however, the tools above are a good starting point.

How often do you post on your blog? Do you have a posting schedule?

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