Quick SEO Checklist

SEO isn’t the mysterious and magical art some people make it out to be. It is rather straight forward and mostly involves just using some common sense.Its difficult for those who never tried to do SEO. Search engine Optimization is easy for doers.

Some of the following points are more important than others and I’ll be addressing each of them in separate posts.

SEO Checklist

  1. The title of a post should always go before the name of your site.
  2. Always use permalinks. WordPress has this functionality built-in so make sure you use it.
  3. Your theme should be using heading tags (h1 , h2, h3) for post headings. It doesn’t hurt to double check.
  4. Keywords in title, body, and anchor text.
  5. Link to reputable sites.(Its must to get authority for your website)
  6. Don’t go overboard with outbound links.
  7. Add relevant keywords and descriptions to metatags.
  8. Clean up dead links.
  9. Link to other posts on your site as often as possible.
  10. Use alt and title attributes when inserting an image.
  11. Limit duplicate content.
  12. Make sure your pages can be validated. Search engines like clean, well coded, and easy to navigate sites.
  13. Generate a sitemap for search engines.
  14. Use robots.txt to prevent search engine crawlers from indexing certain areas of your site – like your admin directory.

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This Article was just a Quick Seo Checklist.

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There You Have It, Folks…

I Hope by now you’re ready to start doing seo.

You can see that it’s not hard, expensive or time-consuming.

You can get it all done in a matter of minutes.

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