Seo Optimization Factors

There are many factors in SEO Optimization that contribute to well placed in the search engines.
Some of the most important points are found on the website itself.
* Title of page
* Meta Description
* Code Structure
* ALT Attributes images
* Content

Title page

Titles are very important for the optimization of the page. The title appears at the top of the browser and is often used as a title in the search engines.
The title is a good location to place keywords. How to optimize website keywords. Made a unique title for each page and make sure that all the pages of your site have their own titles.

Url and rewriting url

It is very important to use explicit URL. Ideally it should be short, descriptive, and includes relevant keywords.
The most common technique to achieve its purposes is to use URL Rewriting.

Meta Description

The meta description appears in the source code of the page. Make sure that every page on your site has its own meta tag description.
The meta description is often used to describe the page in the search engine. Though meta description has not much importance in SEO optimization after google penguin updates but having a meta description original and catchy increases the chances that people will click on your page.

Code structure

During the drafting of Articles page make sure to use h1 and h2 tags Search engines place great importance on the words in the h1 and h2 tags.
Do not forget to bold the keywords on which you wish to get in engines.

ALT attributes of image

Even though you describe the images on a site through the ALT tag, the search engines will see that the pictures are relevant to the keywords. You will also most likely to appear in search results for images.


The last point is one of the most important in SEO Optimization. It is important to write relevant pages with original content. Make sure the entire page reads well and is understandable to humans, in a word does not write supporting page for search engines.
It is advisable to bind expression to some other web sites to the extent that they are relevant. Be careful and make sure not to have too many outbound links on a page of a site. Building a website is a job that is never really finished. You need to regularly update your sites. If you want to keep people coming back to your site, you must make them want to return.
Adding new content to a site you can also improve your chances of proper positioning in the Google rankings. Regular updates with seo optimization techniques will help your site get indexed faster.

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