2 Crucial Reasons Why The Number of Blog Comments On Your Blog is Important


I received an email from a fellow blogger and reader of one of my blogs. She was curious to know how I ended up getting so many comments on my blog posts. I’ve heard other bloggers answer that question before with the idea that the number of comments isn’t important. That’s not true. The number of Blog comments your blog posts get is very important.

In fact, I’ve received a lot of feedback that I can an inordinate amount of comments on my articles. It’s true, I do, and it’s something that I’m fairly proud of.

First, let’s look at why you want more comments on your blog posts, and then we’ll delve into how to get them.

Why Are Blog Comments Important?

If you are a blogger, you rely on your blog for income.

Maybe not all of your income, and maybe your blog is just part of your overall marketing plan, but your blog can be instrumental in making your business money.

Comments, then, are important on two levels: readers of your blog posts, and income.

The More Comments, the More Readers

Have you ever gone to a restaurant only to find that there is nobody else in the restaurant? What does that tell you about the establishment?

People tend to flock to businesses that already get a lot of business. It’s perhaps the presumption that other people are there for a reason, or perhaps it has something to do with our innate tendency to follow, but that is the nature of things. This is just a fact.

Your blog, then, will attract more readers, commenters, and general engagement. If you are somebody who blogs about your business, if you have several comments from individuals on your articles, this is more likely to turn a new reader into new business.

The More Comments, the More Potential for Income

If you are a blogger in the truest sense of the word, then you rely on your blog for all or most of your income. If your income comes from blog sponsors, private advertising, or affiliate income, you want as many comments as possible on your articles. 

When a potential sponsor or advertiser visits your website, they are looking for a blog with a highly engaged readership.

There is no better indicator of a highly engaged readership than a lot of blog comments. To gauge engagement (see what I did there?), advertisers will typically also look at your social media shares (ie how many people have tweeted out your article, how many have liked the article on Facebook), and discussion about the article outside of your website. It’s easiest for them to see whether you have an engaged audience by seeing how many comments you have on your website.

If you have a high number of comments, this can directly translate into a higher income for your blog.

Next week we’ll talk about how to get more comments.

The number of blog comments is very important; do you see the importance in it?

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