3 Simple Steps to Torrents of Traffic


A while ago I made a post title “Ask Me” where I asked reader to post any questions they have for me.While four comments were posted only one question was asked: How the heck do I get so much traffic?

3 Simple Steps to Get Traffic

  1. I Comment to Riches. By reading and commenting on other peoples’ blogs, I stay on the cutting edge, and attract a lot of new comers.
  2. I create and promote my Full Feed RSS to encourage people who enjoy my blog to stay tuned.
  3. I write interesting and entertaining articles to ensure that my readers have a great experience while they’re here, and make sure they learn something valuable.

You don’t need to worry about SEO. You don’t need to spend a penny on advertising. If you’ve got time and patience, these three steps are all you need to bring floods of traffic to your blog.

To my loyal readers, I know you have been waiting for OYG Ads for a long time. Unfortunately, I have a confession to make: I am working on another quick project. This project will give you FREE online advertising, and may even increase your PageRank. I’m going to announce it tomorrow and it should be done by Friday. Stay tuned.

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