3 Tips To Remember Before Working On WordPress Blog


When you are working with a WordPress theme, there are many different things that you can do to make sure your website looks top notch and professional.  In fact, if you did not have the ability to easily choose themes, and to easily install plugins, WordPress would be a very basic experience. There are specific things that you can do in order to change the way WordPress works for you.

You can use plugins because you may not be very familiar with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and others.  WordPress and the plugins have personally saved me hours upon hours of time and they can potentially help you as well!

Exchange Your Money for Time

One of the cool things about WordPress is that you can exchange your money for time.  You can spend a little cash on a project which could potentially save you tens or even hundreds of hours.  There are many themes out there that are extremely useful and beneficial to you, not only that but it can save you the hassle of trying to make a “free theme” your main theme and spending hours trying to figure out coding.

There’s this wonderful site, probably the best on the internet known as ThemeForest, and this is a website that offers themes on top of themes.  Most of them in the 30-50$ range, and you can get some premium themes for a discounted price.  Not only that, but many of the themes are actually quite easy to customize and make the webmaster experience when creating the website, a lot more easy.

Make Sure You Read the Comments

It is very important that you read the comments as much as possible because it’s clear that not all people share the same opinion.

When someone talks about the theme of a website that does not only include what the website looks like, but how it allows you to customize it on your side.  Some themes make it easier to interject keywords, SEO optimization, and even change the color of the theme.  Remember that the best themes are the ones that are very versatile yet easy to use, it’s amazing how few of developers manage to find that.

When you read the comments, it tells you how many people considered even buying the theme, and these comments give valued criticism or compliments for the theme you are buying, You will be able to find a specific  insight on what the weaknesses and what the strengths of the specific product are.

The Plugin Uses Coding from Other Strong Plugins

We haven’t really dived too much into plugins.  Plugins are extremely important into enhancing a user experience, from helping injecting advertisements randomly throughout your blog, automatically posting to other websites, changing the fonts, all the way to very complex tasks like grabbing and linking related posts using a word-based algorithm.

These are amazing plugins, however, not all of the themes are created equally.  So, finding the one that won’t mess your stuff up is something that is actually very vital when it comes to success.

You want to look at the ratings when you are looking at a plugin.  If there aren’t very many ratings, then there’s probably a reason why people are downloading that particular plugin.  If there are a ton of low evaluations, then it is probably addressing an issue but not fulfilling its promise in trying to solve that problem.

The thing that makes WordPress unique is the usability experience, and by being extremely detailed in your pursuit of having the best theme and best plugin, you’ll probably reach your website’s max potential.


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Author is active in the field of writing for more than 10 years. He has been intrigued with the way technology has developed over the last decade. So he is writing articles on technologies like wordpress, mSpy technology used in mobiles and make sure the people gets familiar with them.

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