5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Your Name


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to build and nurture a solid identity today. Even with Web 2.0 media it is growing in difficulty as other experts and companies start blogging about their practices and experiences. However, that is no reason to be deterred…

With half a spine and some know how in your chosen field, you can foster respect around your name all by yourself!

‘So what’s in the blogosphere for me?’ you ask. Well here are a few of the benefits which I have found…

1) You are associated with other experts in the field.

When people see you interact and kick up some banter with other industry experts, they immediately assume you’re on the same level. It’s a unique part of branding that people don’t usually watch for when promoting their brand.

2) When people visit your site, you are the guru whilst they read your words of wisdom.

Naturally, since you’re talking from the stage (so to speak), people will give you the power to communicate your message. The more they read you and put you in the position of the ‘guru’, the more they will perceive you as one and respect your words of wisdom.

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3) You’re easier for people to find with a veritable archive of information.

When you have tens or hundreds of quality articles under your name, people associate your name with the quality and quantity of your articles. Furthermore, if you have a large scope of articles, people will tend to come across you more in search engines. That’s actually how I found Yaro’s Entrepreneur’s Journey website.

4) You can easily have similar reach to that of a magazine.

When you’re glorified by thousands of visitors every month, you’ve got some serious reach. By posting quality content, your readers can even post about you and act as social proof to your skill and level of influence.

5) You can carefully plan and re-think your response and plan of attack.

Unlike traditional media, you are able to control social media to a greater extent. You can choose whether to post a response to your readers, post comments on their blogs and carefully maneuver the language you use to communicate your personality and point of view majestically.

So, if you’ve been blogging for a while now with little results, don’t be discouraged. Keep at it and find other ways to promote your blog, improve your blog and continue to build your personal brand in a positive way.

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