5 Ways To Make Money Online at Home


5 Ways To Make Money Online

If you are already making money online, you probably have a web page. Regardless,  in different ways, you can showcase your website with the objective that you are making money online, and also rather you are making money online. Convincing, publicizing gets a surge hour of movement, which then counterparts a huge amount of salary. Here are some quick and easy ways to make money online.

This article for those who want to smart work online for making money. There are many ways to make money online, but we share something genuinely for our community, it’s likely to help you.

Suggestion: 5 ways to make money online

  1. Freelancing
  2. Website or Blog
  3. Sell Tutorials
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Online Business Portal

1. Freelancing writing

The freedom way and save your time as freelancing. Opportunity for those quality writers editor and journalist, to sell article online. Now a day, huge demand of quality content writer, many webmasters have no time to writing content for their site, then he hire a writer.

Where to start freelancing?

Many company or website arrangement both party like buyer and supplier. Simply, go there and create your account and offer. You can start your freelancing career, on given below website.

  • Upwork.com
  • Elance.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Fiverr.com

If you have a website and well traffic you can direct market from theirs. Write “hire me” page along with email and contact details. thus your user or customer order directly without third party involvement.

2. Website or Blog

Millions of website online available that allows to user entertainment, information, blog, service, jobs and much more to achieve from the online world. The question is, Do you want one website for you? And make money online from website or blog. If YES this step by step guide for you.

First you need to create a website on WordPress the cost should be $80 (with basic plan) each year. You can also choose free platform such as blogger.com this is a google product and it’s always free for bloggers. But WordPress recommended because  WordPress platform perfect for blogging and its allows many advanced features. aBusinessIdeas.com also running on WordPress.

What are you providing on your website?

This is the big thing, now focus on your desire  or choose your specific field, as per your knowledge base. That means: if you passion in cooking you can post the cooking recipe if your passion in medical or you are a doctor you can provide health related post and remedies. Learn how to make your own WordPress blog.

Google AdSense or Advertising

Great opportunity for those who have a website or blog, monetizes your blog with google AdSense. AdSense a google service that allows to monetize content. AdSense high paying ads service that work on CPC cost per click system.

How to monetize website

First apply for google adSense after approval  adds Adsense code into your website and then ads appear on the website. Here two types of ads available text and banner. However monetize your website and make money from it.

3. Online Teaching & Tutorials

Make money online by selling tutorials. Many ways you can sell your knowledge base tutorials such as videos CD, E-book format as well as a blog post. Example: if you have knowledge in programming android apps development, PHP coding, HTML, and also other fields like cooking recipe, online teaching, Inspirational story. You have an opportunity to sell you tutorials online below we explain some steps to how to become a teacher online.

Online CD or DVD Tutorials– Create stunning tutorials part wise or lesion wise and upload online for selling your video. Interested user pays for downloading your video. The top website listed below for video marketing.

  • Dailymotion.com
  • Metacafe.com
  • Vimeo.com
  • ClipConvas.com

Youtube tutorial videos Lot of people involve in video tutorials marketing nowadays on Youtube.com. I think it’s very easy way to create & upload the video tutorial on youtube.com and monetize with AdSense. Interested individuals can utilize this platform and make money from it.

As well as, you can sell your videos as a traditional way, in DVD CD shop, as you wish. This is also a gainful way.

Sell your e-book – Create tutorials your e-book, PDF look like professional. Many website online that’s offering to sell your e-book on third party website safe and secure.  Here suggestion where you can upload and the best way to sell ebooks online.

  • Payhip.com
  • Booktango.com
  • Lulu.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Myebook.com

4. Affiliate marketing

Tons of website running online, but not all popular due to traffic and standard level. The affiliate marketing is the way of getting traffic on the source page, for more sales.

Affiliate marketing is a one of the best for making money online. If your site-related health you can promote medicine on your website. For travel blog promote booking site such as holidays packages cheap air ticket honeymoon package as well as hotel booking.

You can also use eBay and other online trades. If you have things to offer, then you may need to misuse online bargains, as eBay, for making money online. You can offer some of your things or organizations, and then add the person to your pick in once-over. With more than 22 million customers in 100 countries, why abuse that kind of development? There is more than 1.8 billion site hits on eBay reliably. If you get even a touch of those points of view you will easily be making money online while in like manner making traffic movement for your website page.

5. e-Commerce Portal

Launch a website with portal this is a medium scale business plan. Obviously, you need to invest more money. still, not using internet100% peoples of the world population, but ever day and every second increasing internet user across the globe. 42.4% internet user’s of the world population in another language 3.2 billion people’s online in 2015 according to the wiki. Think about this? why peoples participate online world, the world population says “give me something”

“Bigger investment & Bigger return”

6 Mobile Recharge Portal

This is a most lucrative business and easily to manage mobile recharge portal. Such portal more demand in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Aftica, Uk, Usa, Canada, and this is your targeted country you can become service provider.

7 Travel Portal


8 Hotel Booking Portal


9 E-Ticket Booking Portal


Many portal developer’s online available you need to contact and discus about your plan and budget as per your requirement. And expand your brand and service in the online world.

You will be making money online by just taking several minutes out of your day to audit a smart flyer. In case you get very much a couple individuals subscribing, you can even get a mail once-over advantage that can help you handle all that information. You will have the ability to deal with the expense of it, in light of the fact that all that action will be in your favor to making money online.

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