Cannabis Vs. Leukemia & Cancer


Doctors have found Cannabis as the best method for treating life – taking diseases like Leukemia & Cancer

It has been established on the basis of a recent study that cannabis are the best protective method to cure cancer & Leukemia. According to the researchers, Cannabis if taken orally in whatsoever form like Hemp Oil which is extracted from the very same plant is said to be the best when it comes to produce counterproductive forces against diseases like Leukemia and cancer.

The case study was put under research after extracting the lab analysis and treatment progress from the medical reports of a girl who was diagnosed with an acute lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was being treated at one of the very renowned hospitals best known for treating Leukemia in United States.

The girl was put under standard medical treatments which she received at first after getting diagnosed and admitted to the hospital. She went through aggressive chemotherapy, bone marrow and other standard treatments for Leukemia as well. Within a very short period of time, doctors estimated that her body has gone totally unresponsive to any of the treat she had received by the time. Neither of any medical treatment brought positive outcomes. She was left with no hope and her family started to look out for effective alternatives in order to cure Leukemia.

Dr. Chamandeep Balli and Dr. Yadvinder Singh from Toronto took the case as a part of their research and went deep into every single medical report of the case in order to extract best analysis.

When the patient was fed with Cannabis, she soon started to recover within no time. However, the aggressive chemotherapy’s effective didn’t allow living her between us anymore. Her blood cell counts were getting back to normal. Her body was reacting positively to this treatment.

The hospital report claims!

‘At admission her total WBC was 1.4, hemoglobin was 82, platelet count 8,000. She was profoundly neutropenic… a prior history of pancolitis documented by CT scan in March 2009 was neutropenic colitis with perforation… her abdomen was distended and obviously had some signs of diffuse peritonitis. The abdomen X-ray was in favour a perforation…she passed away at 10:05 in the present (sic) of family…’.


The most appealing and important benefit of consuming Cannbinoids don’t have any sort of toxic effects on the body.

“It goes without saying that much more research and, even more importantly, phase clinical trials need to be implemented to determine the benefits of such therapies. Laboratory analysis is critical to figure out the constituents/profiles/ratios of the vast cannabis strains that show the most favored properties for exerting possible anticancer effects.”

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