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First of all, I hope you’ve sent your dating question to casanova [at] If you haven’t, get on it.

Everybody knows you can advertise your blog through adsense. Most of you know you can advertise through blog comments. But how effective could it be? Very.

Almost every effort I make to publicize this blog is through comments.

So chances are if you were one of the 318 absolute unique visitors who came here yesterday, or the 400+ I expect to visit today, you found me through a comment.

Why do I love blog comments so much?

  1. You Learn New Things: To write a good comment, you have to read, or at least skim each article. If you’re reading every article that appears on 10-20 different blogs, you will learn something new. I’ve learned a lot.
  2. Not Intrusive: Blog comments aren’t even advertising. They’re a comment on somebody else’s posts, usually praiseful (why read a bad blogger’s post?), that happen to mention your site.
  3. Effective: Blog comments have taken this site from 0 visitors to 200+ uniques in a week, and in two weeks this blog will most likely hit at least 500+.
  4. Free: They don’t cost a penny.
  5. Networking: People whose blogs you comment on will come check out your blog. If they like what they see, you might work out a link swap or they might reveiw your blog. Regardless, you meet new bloggers.

Make sure you don’t push it though. There’s a difference between a blog comment with a link to your site and a blog advertisement that you happen to put in the comments section. If yours is the latter, bloggers will not be pleased and will probably ban you from their blogs.

By the way, I’m working hard on the monetization plugin. I hope to have the alpha version running on my site by monday.

Keep sending those dating emails to casanova [at] The free advice list alone will change your love life.

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