Considerations for Anchor Text Links


We do know that SEO, external links for the site ranking is very important to enhance the use of external links in the use of anchor text links can be very effective to enhance the keywords in the search engine rankings. Typically, we use the anchor text link when the key word is that we do in search engine optimization for our site to enhance the ranking of keywords. Now I share in the anchor text to do the next link to the text when the need to pay attention to the matter, I hope everyone will help.

1. Make sure the target page content and anchor text keywords we are going to connect consistent
in operation to try to keep the technology to make their anchor text links can and we need to connect to the target page content consistency, can not appear Tau It is very dangerous for the state of the horse mouth.

2. Ensure that the title of the page with the anchor text link keywords consistent
if you have selected “SEO” as anchor text for your links, at the same time, you are also to be added to the condensation of a page title Including SEO such a page, of course, this effect will be better.

3, make sure to add links to websites with keyword anchor text links to the target site agreed
to add a link to your site’s content is relevant to your site content, search engines content in your site links to relevant given the high weight, also That is, it will increase the value of your site.

4, so that anchor text keyword try to diversify
a little trick to share with you: try not to use them in a page, can be said, do not use the same anchor text links to increase certain to be timely to update a number of similar meaning Keywords that will not cause the search engines to be fatigued and maintain their anchor textual links to the keyword diversification that is their content will look more natural and smooth, and we do not have to worry about the side effects that will cause Keywords can also get a good ranking, not just limited to the only keyword to optimize, to relax the search engine of the Shen Fat fatigue, so that search engines will be more interested in your site.
5, the site outside the station anchor text are equally important
to the characteristics of the search engines, in the recommended internal links of a website also has a very good value, so we can expand our horizons so that we stand for in the Links to the means of operation in accordance with the means of external links to operate, this is not to make our link functions and effects of a big step on it!

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