Digital Marketing – better approach to influence consumer behavior


Business is finally a good way to adopt digital marketing .Business persons and marketers take the decision to convert business to the online process seriously. Many companies already shifted their business or some are planning to shift their business to the online platform. Marketers and business people also prove that digital marketing and social media are the best way to adopt at present and future.

From the survey we find that companies are now planning to increase their online marketing budget. Online marketing platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Google .the search clearly shows that the increment in the desire of social media websites, on the other hand it’s also a cost effective way to attract the customers.

But sometimes it’s a question for the audience what is the correct definition of digital marketing? Does it really help to influence consumer behavior? We define digital marketing as when we use different marketing channels as a way to reach the customers .Digital mediums are being used for the advertising purpose, to promote the product, and selling brands and product in a cost effective way. Radio, television, cell phone is listed in the digital platforms. But still many companies use the traditional ways of marketing for the advertising purpose. It is the result of low knowledge about the social media platforms. But companies are now conducting training sessions for it’s their employees to understand the social media platforms in a proper way. The 2010 report shows that many companies get success to understand the digital marketing in a proper manner

Marketers always search the best possible situation to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations. When marketers understand the consumer, business they earn more profit. Digital media is one of those options who change the procedure of searching food items, shopping, and job search. Digital media are a good choice to collect information in a cost effective way. If you want to engage the consumers in a cost effective manner, then 1st of all make the Facebook page that represents your products qualities and specification. Facebook gives the option of sharing views and sharing experiences, on the other hand it is a good platform to know the consumers’ expectations current. Popularity of smart phone usage to collect the information and consumers also prefer the digital media over traditional platforms.

It is a hard true that the behavior of consumers differs in the matter of products and services. Every consumer has own needs and liking, according to atmosphere, social interaction, job, and body structure. Marketers always emphasize on the products which satisfy the customers’ needs as compared to services. Because wrong or poor quality product is exchangeable but customers cannot exchange the bad services and consumers always remember the services that they enjoy from the company .Consumers always feel the effects of digital media during make a purchase? Relative, friends, colleagues also influence the consumer behavior to make a purchase.

The Popularity of digital media has totally changed the consumer behavior and marketers have to follow it too. Consumer behavior is the important part of the marketer and also an interesting topic for the marketers.

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