Don’t Screw it Up: 7 Considerations When Naming Your Blog


When I first started blogging, I spent all of three seconds naming my blog. Mind you, this was years ago when I knew very little about blogging except that I wanted to start.

I did luck out with my choice, because the name of my blog was catchy, fun, memorable and one that jumped out at people. However, I didn’t even know what niche I was blogging in, so I wasn’t able to go through the proper process of choosing a blog name title if I knew how to do it.

I have come a long way as I now make over $2,000/month on my blogs.

Here are some tips and tricks as to how to name your blog:

Name Your Blog Something that is Catchy or That “Flows”

Everyone wants a title that is catchy and memorable. There’s no doubt that if you have a memorable name, you’ll get more traffic and better engagement than a name that nobody can remember.

People are naturally drawn to things that:

  • rhyme
  • include dynamic works
  • alliteration
  • descriptive words
  • emotional words

You tend to remember phrases like “mellow yellow” (rhyme, descriptive) or “negative Nancy” (alliteration, emotional) than you would “Ted’s Ramblings”.

Name Your Blog Something that is Easy to Remember

If your blog name is hard to remember (ie if it’s really long, has different or awkward spellings, or uses words that aren’t common), you’ll lose out on a lot of exposure, traffic, and readership.

I remember this one blog that I stumbled across that I really loved. The author’s story was incredible and I read through several posts in one afternoon. I still remember the design (as it was memorable), but the blog name had a word of a different language in it.

When I left the blog with all of the intentions in the world to come back, I couldn’t remember the blog name. I couldn’t even search my history because I couldn’t even remember part of the word. Unfortunately I could never return to the blog and read the rest of the posts. There are millions of blogs out there so making it easy for your readers to remember your blog’s name is key to reader retention.

Choose a Blog Name that is Easy to Spell

Please, please don’t choose an alternate spelling to something. Don’t include the word supercalifragilisticexpealidocious in your blog name. Don’t spell the word “fantastic” like “phantastyk” or something nutso like that.

Again, it’s all about making it easy for people to find you.

Plus, people don’t google “phantastyk recipes” when they are looking up fantastic recipes, so you’re missing out on some key search engine optimization.

Choose a Site Name that Matches a URL/Domain

Believe it or not, I’ve stumbled across blogs that have blog names that don’t match their domain name.

An example of this is if you name your blog something like “fun foodables” and your URL is “”.

No. Don’t do this. It’s confusing and can throw your readers off.

If you are trying to think of a blog name and find a great name for your website, first check to see whether your domain is available. I use for domains.

If your URL isn’t available in “.com”, I would recommend moving on to another name until you find one that meets the criteria in this post that is also available in a .com. No .biz, and no hyphenations (ie “”).

Name Your Blog Something that is Niche Appropriate

If you are blogging in the beauty and fashion niche, please don’t name your site “Penny’s Practical Matters”. Not only does that name not very catchy, but it also tells the potential reader absolutely nothing about what the blog is about.

If I’m particularly interested in beauty blogs and I see somebody mention that blog name on Facebook, I’m not going to give it a second glance.

This is also damaging for your search engine optimization results. Which brings me to the point below:

Choose a Blog Name that has a Keyword in It

There is a general consensus that your blog name/URL has an impact on search engine optimization. If there is a blog about Avon product reviews, called “Avon Product Reviews” and the url is, you’re sitting pretty good to get search engine results from people looking up Avon product reviews.

Get it?

Obviously if you do Avon, Cover Girl, and Maybeline product reviews as well as makeup tutorials you don’t want to pick a name that just alludes to the Avon reviews.

Bonus: Choose a Blog Name that Starts with A, B, or C

I like this tip. My second blog name started with an A. Because of this, it was always on the first page of blog directories when they were alphabetic, and on blog rolls and link ups, my blog was usually above the fold.

This was helpful for referral traffic; people are naturally adverse to scrolling down or going to another page to find something, so if your blog name starts with a “Y”, you can disadvantage yourself a bit.

I am not focusing so much on this because it doesn’t make a HUGE difference, but it does make a little one.

Choosing your website’s name is not going to be a quick and easy process. I thought of a name for Seo Easy for weeks before I settled on this one. I liked it because it’s descriptive (it tells you what the blog is about), it’s catchy (two words melded together), it starts with a “B”, the URL was available in a .com, and it has a keyword in it (“blog”).

It does have it’s downfalls (entrepreneurship is hard to spell for some people, so Bloggerpreneurship would be too) but it’s niche appropriate and overall a good name.

My original idea was to name this blog Bloggerpreneur, but the URL was taken.


Have you struggled naming your website or blog? What process did you go through to land on a good blog name? Any regrets?

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