Failure Is The Pillar Of Success


Success and Failure: Why to say Failure is the pillar of success. Success and Failure are the two aspects of human life. Sometimes we fail in our efforts. The proverbs mean that success comes through failure. So failure should not discourage us. Those who fail in life should try again and again. When we fail once, we have some experience of failures. We learned by experience in our second attempt. Our experience makes us wiser. This is the foundation of success. In fact, success depends upon wisdom and self-confidence.

We should not take the saying in its actual meaning. It is incorrect to think that a man has to don’t succeed to be able or be successful. It is also incorrect to think that the more a man is not able, the surer will be his achievements. The adage indicates no such factors. Failing is nothing but problems. They can have a harmful influence on our lifestyle. So we should try not to don’t succeed. If at we all don’t succeed, the failure should not prevent us. But they should create our will more powerful to act with higher dedication for achievements.

We must know the cause of our failures. Only a fool think that success is easy. Confidence is good. But over-confidence is bad. Confidence gives strength. But over-confidence makes us easy going. The man who thinks that he is too wise too intelligent may also fail. Some people fail because they get too nervous. They fear failure before it actually happens. Such people are defeated from within. So they are bound to fail.

Failure Is the Pillar of success

Pillars: We must know how to succeed in life. We must have certain mental equality for that. Firstly, we must be hard working. We have tried again and again for success. Secondly, we should have courage. We must have the will to success .we should not accept defeat at any cost. We shall lose the Battle of life if we feel defeated.

We must be optimistic in lifestyle. We have to agree to the task with dedication and bravery. Of course, failing is distressing things. But they factor the way of achievements. Problems disappointed us at the time. But we must have a powerful soul and undefeatable need to be successful in lifestyle. When we don’t succeed we should

remember the proverb. Failure Is the Pillar of success

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