Google tools of web development


The Google has many free website development and creation tools. Mostly the programs and software are hosted on the servers of the Google and offer the users with the interface of web management featuring the data which can be modified and viewed. Some of the Google’s web development or creation tools can greatly allow you to to get the website running or over, while the others analyze the statistics on the website’s visitor traffic and content.

The Google websites

The Google websites is the absolutely free application which enables anybody to make the dynamic pages of web with no knowledge of the HTML. The Google contains these pages of web and allows you to select among many web templates, relying on a kind of the website you would like to make like the personal, business themed, company intranet and group site. The sites of the Google act essentially as the WYSIWYG publisher, facilitating for the changes via a button of edit. The users have the section of manage site where the photos, images, the documents, and the other thing can upload from the computer.

The webmaster central

The webmaster central aids the webmaster optimize web sites, especially for the search engine of Google. for instance, the owners of the site can add the site to the index of the Google so that this will be in the results of the search engine. You can dictate the preferred URL to show. The website owners can develop the geo targeting that tells the Google geographic places for showing results. The webmaster can look the phrases and the keywords that the Google realises when crawling the website and every day the queries of search which draw the pages from the site.

Google analytics

This is the free service which facilitates the owners of the site to track the visitors of the site and other trends. The owners of the site will require pasting the special code of HTML on the site which emerges by the Google with the further instructions.

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