How to Create Your Own Products to Sell on Your Blog


Creating quality and relevant content for your blog is an absolute must to attract the right kind of audience. Unfortunately, many people avoid trying different kinds of products out of fear and uncertainty. Fortunately, here are blogging tips on how to create products to sell on your blog:

Types of Products You Can Sell on Your Blog

There are a number of products you can sell on your blog, including:


eBooks make excellent products to promote on your blog because of how easy they are to create and sell. In most cases, people use eBooks as free giveaways to entice people to signup for their email lists. However, eBooks can also be sold on their own to help generate a profit.

When selling your eBook through your blog, here are points to consider in order to boost your sales:

• Create an excellent cover page
• Provide a quick preview option
• Ensure that your eBook is available in multiple file formats

Ensuring that your eBook is available in multiple file formats is a must since eBooks can be viewed on a variety of different platforms. Different eBook format types include:

• PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)
• PDB (Palm Digital Media electronic books)
• CHM (Microsoft Compressed HTML Help)
• EXE (Multimedia eBooks that have virtual turning pages)
• Flip Book (Flash books for the Internet)
• HTML (for the Internet)
• EPUB (for Kobo eReader, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, etc.)
• MOBIL (for Mobipocket and Kindle)

White Papers:

White papers are typically shorter than eBooks but more than 2,500 words. They are persuasive essays used as for content marketing, although they are mostly written to solve a particular problem. However, other various definitions exist as well.

White papers tend to fall somewhere between technical manuals and glossy brochures. They tend to contain helpful information for overcoming a particular problem that has the appearance of an annual report.

While they are much more technical than most eBooks, white papers can still be sold on your blog to help generate income or given away to help build an email list. Just like with eBooks, you will need to ensure that your white papers are available in a variety of different formats that fit various devices.


You can easily sell videos through your blog. You can make how-to videos or offer webinars. The best part about videos is that you can host them on YouTube for free and get them ranking well because of it being one of Google’s venues. You can even provide subtitles for the hearing impaired and foreign communities.

When creating videos, you do not necessarily have to be super fancy in order to generate money. However, the better quality videos you provide, the more attention you will receive. If you keep your videos short, you will keep your audience’s attention more easily as well.

In order to create videos, here are some helpful programs:

• Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite
• Corel VideoStudio Pro XS
• MAGIX Movie Edit Pro
• Adobe Premiere Elements
• CyberLink PowerDirector

Podcasts and Audiobooks:

If you have a microphone handy, podcasts and audiobooks can easily be sold on your blog in order to make money. Since many people love listening to something while on the go, you can make sure that they take your content wherever they go, too.

The best software for recording and editing audio includes:

• Hipcast
• Propaganda
• eProduct Producer
• WebPod Studio
• Audacity

Important Points to Keep in Mind:

When promoting and selling your products through your blog, here are tips for increasing business:

• Have your products reviewed and share the testimonials to entice people
• Use social media to promote your products and drive people to your blog
• Create a sales page that is fully optimized for search engines
• Determine if you want to sell your products directly or through an affiliate program
• Price your products competitively but reasonably
• Offer money back guarantees

With these blogging tips on how to create products to sell on your blog, it will be easier to provide quality for your audience and profit for yourself.

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