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How to Get Backlinks, From The Desk Of: Les Blythe, full-time internet marketer.

Hi Guys,

On my How to Get Backlinks page I’ll be discussing the subject of backlinks – what they are, why they’re important and how to get them.

  • What is a backlink – as the name suggests, it is simply a link from another web page or site to YOUR web page or site
  • Why are they important – Google (and other search engines) use them in calculating the relevancy/ authority / importance of your site
  • How to get backlinks – we’ll start by having a look at Article Marketing below

How To Get Backlinks – Article Marketing

First off – have a look at this video by Matt Cutts – a Google engineer in Google’s Quality Group and a pretty well known “front man” for the organization.  It shows you just how Google Search works (in case you were wondering).

Okay, so now we know what Google is looking for we can begin to lay our stall out accordingly.
One of the recognised way to develop backlinks is through Article Marketing. The process involves writing articles, usually consisting of minimum 400-500 words or more and submitting them to online Article Directories. The articles themselves are SEO optimized using appropriate key words (i.e. written in such a way to be attractive to Google) and the article is then linked BACK to your website giving you a backlink.

A little on SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

There are two basic types of SEO – On page SEO and Off Page SEO. As the names might suggest:

  • On Page SEO – refers to any SEO you perform on the pages of your own website. Although you are not getting backlinks from on site SEO, your internal linking structure is nevertheless important.
  • Off Page SEO – refers to any SEO activity not directly on the pages of your website and this is how to get backlinks to your site.

How To Get Backlinks With Authority

Authority in this context basically refers to how important the backlinks appear to Google. For example – a backlink from a Page Rank (PR) 5 site is exponentially more valuable than one from a PR2 site. Notice I say “exponentially”.  A backlink from a PR5 site can be 100 times more valuable than one from a PR2 site!

So, in building backlinks it is fairly obvious that we want to source our backlinks from sites with as high a PR as possible.

Oh, another point while we are on the subject – the back links we are interested in generally are what is called “DO FOLLOW” backlinks as these will contribute to the overall stature of our site. On the other hand “NO FOLLOW” backlinks are pretty mean as they give nothing back  – so in the early stages don’t bother chasing them (there is an advanced backlinking strategy that suggests that No Follow are also useful but the main priority is to get the other sort).

Finally, backlinks from .EDU and .GOV carry more weight than backlinks from .COM, .NET and .ORG Why – well because not everyone can use these select domain extensions and the bodies behind them carry authority – Education & Government.

How To Get Backlinks – TOP 50 Article Directories

Right – here’s the good stuff – my PERSONAL  list of the top 35 online Article Submission sites complete with Page Rank and Alexa*  – how useful is this info!

* Alexa Rank refers to a listing of all sites on the web sorted by traffic. In other words there are only 243 websites on the whole internet that get more traffic than

Note: At the time of writing I personally checked all of the above information – ALL the directories were DO FOLLOW and the page rankings and Alexa rankings were as quoted. However, do note that the internet is dynamic and constantly changing place so please feel free to check that no one has moved the goalposts in the meantime 🙂

How To Get Backlinks – Summary

Okay guys, that’s it for now on how to get backlinks. There are many techniques we can use to increase SEO – authoritative backinks is one such technique.

To your success!


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