How to Get Dofollows Backlinks of PR6, PR7,PR8,PR9


Although its hard to get backlinks from high pr websites like pr7, pr8, pr9 from the relevant sites of health, technology, fashion, pets etc  but still not impossible,In the past times, it was very easy for anyone to initiate the work on his blog and getting the high page rank backlinks from various successful sites that had it a routine of providing high rated backlinks. Now after some strict action from Google to avoid it such as a business of selling high PR backlinks, as assumed extremely illegal, it has become more tricky to attain backlinks from the websites of high PR specially PR9 and PR10.

These dofollow backlinks actually divert internet traffic to your blog or page and your rating gets enhanced quickly. Now after a great idea of vitalizing your blog or website through strong dofollow backlinks, some appreciable techniques have been devised to increase the Alexa ranking and Google page ranking of your stuff.

Want to Get PR9?

If you want to get PR9, then we hereby tell you a technique which has some limitations but it actually works well. This technique works for you if you are an official channel holder or channel partner of Youtube. Even if you know someone close, who holds this feature, you can do this job easily.

You just need to insert your blog link in the channel page and video pages of your channel that can attract you an enormous number of traffic visits. This technique is restricted for the channel partner. Besides, you can post your links to various other sites of PR9 including and,

How to Attain Do Follow Backlinks of PR8?

Lower page rank you target easier is to achieve it. Instead of getting the PR9, attaining the dofollow backlinks of PR8 is quite easier. Yet you need to make some effort for it. You can do this job by singing up to thousand of websites of PR8 and fill out the site forums with your blog links. Resultantly the traffic will be diverted to your blog by time. This technique really works thought it is unethical to fetch the traffic through alternate route.

Get the PR7 Dofollow BackLinks

Again you can easily attain the PR7 by getting easy access to its dofollow backlinks. One such method to propose your site up to the mark of PR7 is by initiating you’re referencing through Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a PR7 site and all of its content holds the same designation.

So you can edit any of its post and then post your blog link in the reference of that activity. It will bring generate you dofollow back links of PR7 but you need to be very much careful about the fact that defacing or altering the Wikipedia articles with wrong information can stuck out your blog. So avoid any mischief in case you use this technique to nourish your blog or site by enhancing its traffic through PR increment.

This technique resultantly brings more traffic to your website which ultimately derives the reason of better Google page ranking and enhanced alexa ranking of your blog or website.



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