How to Know Keyword Density Correctly


We all know that keyword density is an important factor affecting the site ranking, then, how should we correctly understand the keyword density?

First, what is the keyword density

First of all, we come to understand this meaning, keyword density refers to the number of keywords in the current page and the total number of other total text, also known as “keyword frequency.” Generally speaking, the higher the density of keywords, the higher the relevance of the page, so the higher the ranking, of course, the frequency of keywords here is to nature as a prerequisite, otherwise it will bring punishment.

Second, the correct understanding of keyword frequency

I believe that the frequency with the keyword to represent is more appropriate to understand more clearly. Here we first look at roughly the process of search engine crawl pages, which I have a page on the signal to noise ratio mentioned in the article, we can go and see. Search engine will crawl to the page after pretreatment, this process will analyze the page, remove the code, and then extract the text, which will be used inside the word segmentation technology, the content extracted into a combination of a word and then into the index Library.

Here we should pay attention to the focus of the word segmentation, to understand the Baidu Chinese word segmentation can be clearly aware of this error, you think the keyword density will still exist? For example, our key words in this article Is: “keyword density how much good” to the index library has become a “keyword / density / how many / good” this phrase, then if this article does not appear in this complete phrase, then use the tool to query Is the density of 0, but in fact as long as your page appears in the word after the word, and the frequency is high to achieve the effect.

In fact, we do keyword research will often use the principle of this word, but many people still do not know the link with the entire site. I hope you will not be entangled in the future keyword density problem, as long as the control word segmentation frequency can be.

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