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oday, only to share targeted keywords on the site, in fact, are cliches, but few people seem to do well, like the ocean on an article “Seo: thinking to decide the way out of the most critical” With thinking, the most critical or execution, so extreme, the opportunity is reserved for people who are ready!

Let us first look at what is the site’s target keywords, the target keyword is in fact determined by keyword analysis of the site, “main” keywords, popularly refers to the site’s products and services, the target customers may be used to search for Key words.

How to get the site’s target keywords

After you determine what you want to do the product, you can give the site to find the target keywords, then how to get the target keywords? Tools and so on.

Through the above method, basically we can get a lot of preselected words, then how do we finalize the site’s target keywords? Through the Baidu Index we view each word a quarter or more than a year search volume, and then through, and then The search volume is relatively large words can be identified as the site’s target keywords. It should be noted that the home page of the target keywords as much as possible not more than three, there is more difficult to optimize the word to put in front. The last remaining word we can put on the website’s channel page when the site’s long tail keywords to operate.

How to optimize the target keywords

1. To increase the site navigation and the main site in the channel page to add “sub-navigation”, in addition, the bottom of the site navigation to anchor text and point to the home page.

2. to the site after another to add information, the content of information is naturally the best original (pseudo-original can), when the information appears when the site keywords to play an anchor text in the past.

3. The establishment of third-party blog, do not need too many, you can. Blog to add articles, blog articles can be reproduced (of course, the original is the best), when the content of Web site keywords when we have an opportunity to play an anchor text in the past.

Long tail keywords how to optimize

Long tail keyword refers to the user is not through your site keyword search keywords come in, we call the long tail keywords, but through the long tail keyword search to your site users are your site’s target customers.

In fact, the long tail keyword optimization methods and optimization methods of target keywords are similar. We look at the characteristics of long tail keywords:

1, relatively long, often 2-3 words, or even phrases.

2, exists in the content page, in addition to the content page title, also exists in the content.

3, search volume is very small, and unstable.

4, there are a large number of long-tail keywords large and medium-sized sites, the total flow is very large. Long tail Keywords basic attributes: extensibility, targeted, wide range.

Long tail keyword optimization method:

1. In the website update each article when the long-tail keyword factors should be taken into account.

2. Do a long tail keywords in order to update the article when another article appears when the long-tail keywords to do anchor text. (This is very important oh)

3. For the more difficult long tail keywords can be properly added outside the chain to optimize, such as blog to optimize.

This article is roughly said that the site keyword selection and optimization, there are a lot of details, not much to say here, in fact, seo the most important thing is to practice, in the course of the operation may encounter various Kind of problem, only personal experience, can really understand, thinking in learning, in practice, grow!

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