How to Pick Hyperlink Color Code To Change Adsense add Color


We often know the importance of colors in our lives same in the field of blogging when you discover the colors for your websites and adds. The post encrypted below is about how to get color code using Photoshop for website text or link colors. The technique is very simple but surely help you out to get exact match color code which you can place in Html of your website to get desired output.

How to Pick Hyperlink Color Code:

There many other tolls the simplest tool is Photoshop no matter which version you use either Photoshop 7 can also be helpful for you, I will demonstrate you using Photoshop 7 so get relaxed don’t need to spend much more on this issue.

You can change any color of your site using this technique. Let’s suppose if your website hyperlink color is yellow and you can’t find the exact match color adsense add for your website than open your website in any browser, hit “prntscr”  (print screen) and open Adobe photoshop > Create New Image > and paste the image you took using PRNTSCR.

Open color picker and here is your code as shown in the image, now copy this code and replace the color code of your adsense add while making new add in the color option, or you may change all the colors of using this exact match color scheme. Best of luck > keep happy blogging, if you like this don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.

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