How to Start CFL Bulbs Manufacturing Business


CFL Bulbs Manufacturing Business

Compact Fluorescent lamp CFL a green light and also known as energy saving light. CFL use 50 – 80% less energy to other traditional light. Obviously, such light very market demand as well, and very profitable. CFL bulbs manufacturing business in India or outside India as well.

The fast growing and expandable CFL bulbs making business due to huge demand. You can start your own CFL bulbs manufacturing business with minimum capital. Because that’s a simple CFL bulb making process with small tools and equipment. This is not a complicated to another manufacturing process.

Do you want to start CFL bulbs business? First you need to create your project goals. What would you expect in this business? you need to write business goal setting for success that’s likely help to creating your business goals.

If you want to start in India that’s a big opportunity for you. Because everything can be easily obtained such as raw materials, machinery, packing materials, skilled workers as well as suppliers or purchaser.

CFL bulbs making machine price cost

CFL bulbs making machine you can easily find in Indian market such as Delhi. At the end of this post, you will find some addresses when you can found machinery as well as raw materials.


S/N Machine Cost/Approach (INR Rupee)
1 Grinding Tool 8,000
2 PCB Soldering Machine 10,000
3 Cap Notching Machine 3,000
4 Eyelid Soldering Machine 10,000
5 Pad Printing Machine 10,000
6 Sleeve Cutting Machine 5,000


CFL raw material

S/N Raw Material Per Piece Rate (INR Rupee)
1 Glass Tube 10
2 PBT – Plastic Body 3
3 B22 Cap 0.50
4 PCB 10
5 Assembly Charges 2
6 Packing Charges 1


CFL manufacturing process

You are not going to hold all step process like A to Z you need to hold a step of manufacturing process. For the example above raw materials manufacturer different and machinery manufacturer a different company.

The CFL manufacturing process is very easy. In order to small CFL manufacturing business, you need 3 skilled workers, 4 semi-skilled and 3 unskilled workers needed and as well as a supervisor. But, that depend on your business size or level.

CFL raw material supplier

There’re many ways to reach CFL raw material supplier in India. First you can find out online that us very easy way. Second ways contact via Indiamart or Alibaba web portal. Simply visit this web page and search in few second appear lot of results. But you target your nearest places to reduce transportation cost.

Third and more effective ways you can reach direct on address place. this is a more impressive way.

ISO International Standard For Standardisation

ISO an organisation that’s allows international quality standard. You will see many places or many printed product about ISO. You can also participate and certified your CFL company with ISO organisation. ISO Quality standard ISO 9001/2008 Perfect for CFL bulbs manufacturing business. If you provide ISO certified product your product know as a valuable and quality.


Thus, you can start up your own business in India. but remember, to be honest for yourself and for other. Always use quality raw materials and provide quality products, keep replacement option It increases the belief of your customers that’s a great strategy.

If you have further any question about CFL bulbs manufacturing business. machinery raw material as well as marketing feel free to ask without any hesitation. I will reply as soon as possible.

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