How to Use the Anchor Texts Properly and Effectively


Looking for understanding of what “anchor texts” are? Simply read on. When you are browsing on Internet, commonly you can across to find words “Spanish cooks” in blue color written on some part on the post on site. Furthermore, when you click the word, you can be taken into some other web page or link where you get other information details or images on the Spanish cooks. The blue colored and underlined text which links to the other pages is called as the anchor text.

You already know what the anchor texts is, which is the text that is linked to some other web page or URL. As whom often post article on your webs or blogs, you need to know

How To Use Or Incorporate The Anchor Texts Wisely.

It is good to note that various anchors from a single page do not offer much links. Its means that when a page includes certain anchor text “Spanish cooks” a few times, it is not be helpful. Even it’ll not add some value and so even available no reason to use same text a number of times on certain post on same page.

Indeed, the multiple pages can help yet they should be came from same domain or URL, it’s not good valuable when they are coming from various domains. The diversity of the anchor texts is so important because it’ll give not optimal influence to your website. It’ll be better and important to have diversity of your anchor text that you want to set on post. Furthermore, Google and Bing commonly count very first anchor text on the page. Thus, it is best to incorporate your anchor text towards the fisrt of the web page than in middle or end web post.

Later on, this is important if anchor text doesn’t have much context or also value due to search engines use surround text. It’s important for you to place the anchor text properly, because it can help SERP to detect your website easily. Those are some points that need to kept on your mind about how to use anchor texts. Hopefully, it’ll really help you to use anchor text properly and effectively. Not just for your readers will like linking through your site way, even the search engines will enjoy to visit your site and show it on high page rank.

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