ISO Quality Management System


ISO International Organisation for Standardisation

ISO Quality Management System: Quality management system is the entire set of operational elements. Including the planning and preparational phases, which directly or indirectly is focussed towards achieving and maintaining a desired level of consistency in the Quality of the output of the organisation. The operational element may take any form, ranging from a major procedural aspect to a minor intercom communication. Obviously, it is the Quality concerned top management and meticulously disciplined  teamwork from the functional departments which can make the Quality noticeable visible. ISO official page

ISO Quality Management System

How can I educate myself and my staff This does not really need separate education on the subject. But certainly it requires your concentrated attention and your perseverance to read, Understand, write and interpret text materials patiently. The fundamental knowledge of the process/product of the business, the quality related characteristics, and a little common sense will go a long way to making you stronger and knowledgeable in this front.

However, if you feel comfortable in understanding by listening than by other means, there are an organisation (Govt and Privet organised) offering appropriate appraisal courses. You may take part in a few of them along with your staff. Announcements regarding such programmes appear in the newspapers.

When Realize ISO Its Benefits

You will realize its benefits on two fronts

  1. From external interactions (By market)
  2. From International Interactions (By meeting etc)

From the external Interactions, you will realize the benefits, when your certification is sufficiently published. This normally takes place in about three months.

From the International Interactions. you will start realizing improvements and convenience in meetings and analyses. This, you may realize even before the certification. Just when you really go in for the formal application, your system might be so well laid out that you might realize its benefits even at that time itself.

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