Links Optimization Seo Tips


1. Anchor Text of Inbound links:

As discuss in the Keywords segment, Anchor Text is one of the most significant factors for good quality rankings. It is most excellent if you have a keyword in the anchor text but even if you don’t, it is still OK.

2. Origin of Inbound links:

Besides the anchor text, it is significant if the site that links to you is a of good reputation one or not. Usually sites with greater Google Page Rank are considered highly regarded.

3. Links from Similar Sites:

Having links from similar sites is very useful. It indicates that the competition is determination for you and you are popular within your topical community.

4. Number of back links:

Generally the more, the improved. But the status of the sites that link to you is more significant than their number. Also chief is their anchor text, is there a keyword in it, how old are they, etc.

5. Anchor Text of Internal links:

This also matter, even if not as greatly as the anchor text of inbound links.

6. Age of Inbound links:

The older, the better. Getting many fresh links in a small time suggests buying them.

7. Links from Directories:

Great, though it powerfully depends on which directories. Being listed in DMOZ, Yahoo Directory ,and Bing similar directories is a great boost up for your ranking but having bags of links from PR0 directories is ineffective and it can even be regarded as link spamming, if you have hundreds or thousands of such links.

8. Number of Outgoing links on the page that links to you:

The fewer, the better for you because this way your link looks more significant.

9. Named Anchors:

Named anchors (the target place of internal links) are useful for internal navigation but are also useful for SEO because you stress additionally that a particular page, paragraph or text is important. In the code, named anchors look like this: <A href= “#dogs”>Read about dogs</A> and “#dogs” is the named anchor.

10. IP address of inbound link:

Google denies  that they discriminate against links that come from the same IP address or C class of addresses, so for Google the IP address can be considered neutral to the weight of inbound links. However, Bing and Yahoo! may discard links from the same IPs or IP classes, so it is always better to get links from different IPs.

11. Inbound links from link farms and other suspicious sites:

This does not affect you in any way, provided that the links are not reciprocal. The idea is that it is beyond your control to define what a link farm links to, so you don’t get penalized when such sites link to you because this is not your fault but in any case you’d better stay away from link farms and similar suspicious sites.

12. Many outgoing links:

Google does not like pages that consist mainly of links, so you’d better keep them fewer than 100 per page. Having many outgoing links does not get you any benefits in terms of ranking and could even make your situation worse.

13. Excessive linking, link spamming:

It is bad for your rankings, when you have many links to/from the same sites (even if it is not a cross- linking scheme or links to bad neighbors) because it suggests link buying or at least spamming. In the best case only some of the links are taken into account for SEO rankings.

14. Outbound links to link farms and other suspicious sites:

Unlike inbound links from link farms and other suspicious sites, outbound links to bad neighbors can drown you. You need periodically to check the status of the sites you link to because sometimes good sites become bad neighbors and vice versa.

15. Cross-linking:

Cross-linking occurs when site A links to site B, site B links to site C and site C links back to site A. This is the simplest example but more complex schemes are possible. Cross-linking looks like disguised reciprocal link trading and is penalized.

16. Single pixel links:

When you have a link that is a pixel or so wide it is invisible for humans, so nobody will click on it and it is obvious that this link is an attempt to manipulate search engines.

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