List of Small Business In Sri Lanka


We discover a list of small business in Sri Lanka is a most valuable business ideas suggestion. Our main objective to create a stunning and massive business strategy for our user’s to go toward success.

Currently, the country has about 300 medium sized companies as well as small ones which employ up to five hundred professionals each. The companies are taking the advantages that Lankan labor is cheap, which is quite competent and this a key driver which will make the BPO sector very successful.

List of Small Business in Sri Lanka

Outsourcing in Sri Lanka has several incentives as well other than being cheap labor, with excellent working ethics, the time lag with the west, especially with the US where there is a difference of about 12 hours thus reporting and financial accounting services could be hired and work during the day making it cheaper.

1. Sri Lanka travels business

Sri Lanka is the best destination for tourism 1.5 million tourists arrived in 2014 according to the wiki. Think about that you can provide many services such as hotels & holidays package booking, Become a tour guide, Blogging about best and cheap destination in Sri Lanka, Affiliate marketing to travel portal etc.

Holidays package booking portal website

Many website and booking portal developers available online, you need to create a website as per your budget and booking plan such as hotel booking, holidays package booking, as well as cruise and plan ticket booking on the website.

Travel Affiliate for Sri Lanka

This is a cheap plan in less than $100 create a travel blogging website such as WordPress platform. Post article about travels tour guide holidays package best destination in Sri Lanka historical place in Sri Lanka hotel review and top sea beaches in Sri Lanka etc. Add a travel or holidays package banner advertising on your website that is likely to make more money.

Google AdSense advertising on your blog

The world largest advertising network Google AdSense high return ads service. Monetize your blog or website by google AdSense and earn money per click. AdSense revenue CPC cost per click system. Millions of online users utilize this service and taking advantage from it.

2. Fast food And restaurant

Fast food and restaurant business opportunity in Sri Lanka you can provide many delicious items such as a sandwich, burger, fried dishes, chicken broast, noodles, as well as continental dishes. Such delicious dishes more popular and peoples like to eat. The location is must important thing for fast food and restaurant you can target crowd area like a public place, supermall, near colleges, and so on. That also start a franchise small business in Sri Lanka.

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