Mobile friendly Blogs and Websites: Why We Need These?

  1. Why it is beneficial to make your website or blog mobile friendly.

  2. How pocket gadgets effect the world of SEO and search results?

  3. Can this help in bringing traffic to website?

Technology changes time to time, as these days, advancement and achievements can be seen in every field. When technology grows, there comes new challenge for every business. Every day, new updates force us to do something creative for successful implementation of our goals.Similar experience is with marketing field, where one has to achieve targeted goals within short time to beat the competitors. If we talk about on-line marketing, in this era of advancement, hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets are booming up in the world of marketing.

Why it is beneficial to make your website or blog mobile friendly?

Today, people like to use hand-held gadgets as compared to bulky desktops. No has time to spend at home and on desktops, as non-portable devices cannot be used in mobility. That’s why people prefer pocket devices. Accessing Internet on these devices becomes easier on these devices. According to a research, out of 100, 90% people use mobile Internet whereas only 10% use desktop for surfing on net. Website designs became responsive due to these pocket devices, as only responsive web pages can be properly seen in mobile screens.

How pocket gadgets effect the world of SEO and search results?

People use smart phones to access Internet. So, website, blog or any other type of information on the web should be mobile friendly to let a customer visit website multiple times. Above 60% users search on-line, so as to know about product availability and to read reviews of others to qualify the product. 37% users search for restaurants, 29% for travel information, 16% for job queries and 16% for other information. All type of research is done, and mostly through smart phones or tablets. In this situation without mobile friendly website, a business may lose its customer’s interest. It will hurt the business reputation, brand and customer interest.

Mobile or tablet based sales are always higher than desktop based product sales. 67% People prefer to make orders from mobile based websites. Even Google prefers responsive website design, rather than other crawl web pages. This is because of usage of single URL and same Html regardless of devices used. It becomes easy for Google crawlers to crawl the web pages on any hand-held devices. The content available on responsive website can be easily shared by the user with others. These days, only responsive websites are demanded by the customers, as they want to make their product available to targeted and potential customers.

Can this help in bringing traffic?

Mobile friendly websites and blogs are more important from SEO point of view, as most of the people prefer smart phones to access Internet. Due to the availability of Internet on hand-held gadgets, surfing becomes faster. According to a survey it is observed that more than 90% traffic comes from these hand-held devices. If a website has mobile version or mobile friendly pages then, it is possible to attract more traffic. But, some factors are essential for entire success. Traffic depends upon the quality of your website and the right quality of information available on the website. It is more important to satisfy the customer fully with the services. Else you may lose customers and your competitors will drift them all.

Mobile friendly feature is considered as most important part of SEO. While executing analysis process of any website, this feature is equally considered. It is recommended in website optimization to achieve successful results in accurate manner. At last, it is recommended to use mobile friendly website or blog for successful implementation of business marketing.


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