Prostate Cancer a Great Threat to the Lives of Men


Prostate Cancer a Great Threat to the Lives of Men

What is cancer?

It is the abnormality in the growth of cells in which it is likely to reproduce in an unrestrained or uncontrolled method and there is a possibility of spread. There are many types of cancers. One of its common kinds is the prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer

It is a cancer or tumor which grows in the Prostate tissues. It is the product or result of the abnormal development of  Prostate acinar cells.

Who Usually Acquired This?

This type of illness is exclusively for men.

Risk Factors

There are factors that should be prevented which may increase danger in the heath of every individual. These are the following:

  • Age is very risky and it is considered as the major risk factor.
  • Nationality tends to be a factor which in some cases, there are specific nationalities or race got the top cases of this illness and the remaining number of people have less risk in acquiring this.
  • Men with the family members (males) suffered and experienced this are also prone to this.
  •  There are changes and abnormalities in the cells which is located inside the prostate.

Ways to Discover It

They can be diagnosed or detected by means of:

  • Through examining the tissue or biopsy to find out if there is the presence of this particular disease inside the body.
  • Aside from that, ultrasound test should be conducted too in order to detect whether he has this.
  • Ct scan or MRI tests should be done in order to detect irregularities.
  • X-ray examination or tests discovers the disease by means of radiation.
  • Rectal touch it is a method wherein the rectum was examined to know if a patient is having this kind of sickness.
  • Another way to detect it is the Serum Prostate-Specific Antigue Assay. It greatly helps in the detection of this disease.


Treating this kind of ailment is the best way to ease the burden of many people. It somehow lessens the pain that patients are experiencing. The following are the methods to address or to stop this problem and these are the following:

  • Surgery gives hope to patient because it greatly helps in the cure of this illness.
  • Another is the chemotherapy which has three methods: the external, general radiation and radiation in tela.
  • Chemotherapy is the main treatment for prostate cancer. It controls the multiplication or spread of cancer cells.
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