Replace H3 Tag with H2 for Post Titles in Blogger to Increase Traffic


If you are using Blogger. You really need to optimize your Blog.  For WordPress optimization, you need not to “Edit Html” for everything. You can Install Free SEO Plugin for better experience. In Blogger, you always need to “Edit Html” of Blogger’s Template to optimize your Blog. And every time you install a new template, you need to optimize your Blog again.
On the other hand, Blogger allow you to optimize your Blog with your choice. You can change everything in Blogger. Blogger default design is good, but you can make it best for your Blog. You need to make few changes in Blogger’s Default Template. Search Engines read your blog as Html and Text Pages. As you design your Blog, Search Engines will follow you on your Blog.

Why we must Replace h3 tag with h2 tag for Post Titles:

Blogger is using h1 tag for Blog Title. That’s good. Because Blog’s Title is most important thing on a Blog. Blogger is using h2 tag for Blog’s Description and headings in Post. And h3 tag for Blogger’s Post Titles and sub-headings. But we know Post titles have Secondary Importance on a Blog. So the need is to tell search engines that your Post Titles has secondary importance on your Blog. Because Post Titles and descriptions appears in Search Results. Search Engines will get your Post Titles first, it will increase your Organic Traffic.

How to replace h3 tag with h2:

There are number of ways to replace h3 tag to h2 tag for Post Titles for your Blogger’s Blog. Few Bloggers ask you to find Html codes and replace them with others.
But i have found an easy way to replace h3 tag to h2 for Post Titles in Blogger.
You need to follow few steps.
1. Go to Template Editor.
2. Click on “Edit Html”.
3. Press Ctrl+F to Search.
4. Search for h3.
5. Replace h3 with h2.
6. Preview Template.
7. If it’s fine. Save Template.
I do believe that in Blogger’s Template. H3 tag is used for Post Titles only. As you will replace h3 tag to h2, you can notice that h3 tag is always used for Post Titles. That’s why you don’t need to search Codes and Replace them with others. You have successfully optimized your Post Titles for Search Engines to Increase Traffic. Now Search Engines will find your Post Titles first on your Blog that will help you to appear in Search Results. It will Boost your Organic Traffic.
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