How SEO Can Continue To Play A Role


Perhaps some sites after a few weeks, a few months of optimization efforts, the site traffic or the user began to gradually increased. In the search engine, some of the major keywords and long tail of the keywords have also made a good ranking, we all think SEO success. But the reality is far from the case, to know the search engine based on the optimization of the site is not a once and for all the site, but the need for continuous maintenance, investment, to explore the work.

To make the site continue to enhance the influence, SEO must be endless efforts, SEO is not the end of the race. To say the end, that is the site to stop the operation of the day. Because the search engine and the competitors are changing, if you get a good ranking and stop changing. That will be changed to be their own.

That is the case, SEO what day after day, year after year to do something? Specifically, the following:

1. The Content Of The Contents Of The Operation

to the site to be successful, that continued more in-depth business content is essential to a part. At the same time the site content is the core elements of SEO, site content should be regularly updated purpose, should be combined with SEO goals. To ensure that the site update frequency, update the size of the scope of the content, the content of the subject, are around the user’s most relevant needs to carry out.

2. The Link To Maintain The Link To

track changes in the link changes, but also need to monitor their own website changes in the link. To ensure that the site’s chain, outside the chain have increased. In addition, it also includes links to the details of the links throughout the site, such as dead links.
Long-term monitoring of links can effectively manage web pages and enhance rankings. The maintenance of the link is mainly to manage the overall link to the site, but also need to continue to implement the link strategy to ensure that the number of external links to the site are gradually increasing.

3. The Site Analysis

site analysis is also the core of SEO work, so be able to keep abreast of the latest strategy. Website analysis includes both internal and external analysis. Internal analysis includes website traffic, website keywords, SEO strategies and so on. External analysis is mainly around the competitors website, industry and so on.

Resulting in changes in the SEO effect of the site has three elements, one is the search engine algorithm changes, two is the competitor site ranking rise, and finally the use of inappropriate SEO strategy. As the search engine changes too fast, the competition is too intense, to keep research is to make SEO the best way to play a role.

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