SEO vs SEM Marketing


f you are marketing your business in online, you have probably heard of both SEO and SEM. But here is article differentiating the terms SEO vs SEM Marketing

Understanding the differences between SEO (search engine optimization), SEM against or search engine marketing is essential to determine the distribution of marketing funds and key resources of the company. SEO focuses on organic search results – get to the top of the list when a user searches for keywords related to your business. SEM objective is to search the right keywords to invest in amount in search engines on advertising when you want to appear in the paid search results on major search engines. Combining the two into a coherent strategy can be exceptionally beneficial for your business.

What you can earn SEO and SEM?

When you start comparing SEO vs SEM, it is important to keep your desired outcomes in mind. Both SEO and SEM means to attract customers online from search engines, and use very different tactics to do so. SEO revolves around a focus on placing on the sales site of your company in line with what the search engines want. Google, bing and other major engines are concerned with the delivery of content to users above, and they tend to have sites with clear navigation and easy to understand the benefits for researchers. SEM is the creation, fast and clear announcements bidding on keywords that potential customers will likely go into search engines. we should focus on SEO vs SEM should keep in mind that the benefits of both include increased conversion and click through rates which helps to grow our business.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website in order to get free traffic from search engines. A website is optimized more easily understood by the robots of search engines, so there are more chances to rank higher in SERPs.

On-site and off-site SEO

There are two main pillars of SEO, which is called SEO on site and off-site SEO.

On-Site SEO are the rules that you can apply on your website or blog so that it is more search engine friendly. For example, you must use the appropriate titles, good descriptions, well formatted URLs, the proper use of H1, H2 and images and much more. You can read my side of 15 locally seo tips for beginners to get a good idea of how you can optimize your website for search engines.

Off-site SEO refers to the process of getting votes from other Web sites in order to increase the confidence of your website in the eyes of search engines. For beginners it can be confusing, but try to think like a ranking system where the Web site that has the most votes upper class. Votes in our case are links from other websites to your site. This is also the reason why off-site SEO refers to the link building.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is beyond SEO, but only a subset of your overall internet marketing strategy. The below picture shows the relationship between Internet Marketing, SEM and SEO. Which shoes many other ways to increase traffic to our website.

What is SEM?

SEM is the process of marketing with a goal of getting more visibility in search engines, either by getting more free traffic (SEO) or paid traffic (the paid search advertising).

You essentially through paid search advertising buying ads in the results of search engines. So instead of trying to rank higher and get free traffic you pay to appear before the research.

The best known advertising system for SEM is Google Adwords. You can get paid traffic through Google AdWords ads appear in Google search results, and you pay only for clicks on your ads. This is called pay per click or PPC.Other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo have a similar system but it was not so successful when compared to google Adwords.

Importance of SEM traffic

SEM traffic is considered the largest source of Internet traffic as it is targeted. It is widely accepted that people use search engines to find a solution to their questions and answer to their problem or to learn how to do something. So when research click a web site from search results or click on an ad, they are more likely to convert. The relevance of Web sites and advertisements displayed SEM traffic makes it more valuable than all other sources. Facebook, twitter are trying to optimize their advertising platforms to use targeted traffic but still direct traffic from search engines has a better return on investment.

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