Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria


Business Ideas In Nigeria

A lot of business ideas in Nigeria we discover the top of them. When we talk about “Business” “Entrepreneur” keep in mind almost every business lucrative or profitable that business success or failure depend on who does and how does handle. If you want to run small scale business in Nigeria you need a proper business strategy which will lead you toward success. But if you want to run small scale business does not matter. Below we describe the most lucrative business.


Fast food and restaurant are lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. You can sell varieties of delicious food at your corner such as Burger, Shrimp, Sandwich, Chicken broast, and many fried items, as well as local delicious, could be included in your menu. But keep in mind, location is a matter you need to target crowd area near to college and school, supermall, Mosque and church as well.

CFL bulbs Manufacturing

That’s a great step toward successful business In Nigeria green light. CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamp a green light due to power saving, therefore, user are more like such light in Nigeria and all over the world. You can start your own brand CFL manufacturing business in very low investment (Approx $2000 include basic machine & raw materials).

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A great advantage garments wholesale and retail business in Nigeria. When we talk about modern men and women fashion clothes It’s always a huge demand in the market.

Online Service or Portal

There are many lucrative online services and portal business models for Nigeria. Here we are going to define the top of them you can start with a minimum investment and get a high return from it. You can provide e-services such as eCommerce, Ticket booking, online bill payment and mobile recharge services and os on. There is a huge demand for such services in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, India, etc.

Part Time Poet Writing

This is for an interested person who has well writing skill and passionate about poems. A massive demand of poetry, quotes, inspirational the story in all over the world. Therefore, many ways to convert your passion and skill into money, the first thing you could publish your own written book in the market across the globe. The second thing starts your own website or blog of poems and makes money. The last and easily way to create poems e-book and sell at online e-book store without investment, you need an internet connection and computer.


There are lots of business running online and offline and all growing frequently. In order to become super successful in business, you should choose your best and passion based business according to a business expert.

If you have any question regarding business startup, setup, as well as guidelines feel free to ask without hesitation. Don’t forget to share on social media network Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on.

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