Washing Powder Business Plan


Washing powder is used in every day of life And every person is needed. That means huge and massive demand of detergent or washing powder in all over the world. Therefore, many washing powder manufacturers and suppliers in the market as a local and international label. But, In this business almost, everyone can get success due to huge market demand.

Are you looking for detergent powder or washing powder business plan? This is the right place for you. Start you detergent powder business in minimum investment and take the high return. Washing powder manufacturing process is a very easy process, basically mixing the raw materials with a mixture machine. In this post, we explain all necessary process for setup your washing powder business or small industry.

Washing Powder Business Plan

We focus on a small budget plan first as well as we define below how to expand from small business to big company. And also a short inspirational story of a real people who start with home-based and touch the sky.

3 Steps To Start Detergent powder manufacturing business

  1. step – Detergent Mixer (Machine)
  2. step – Detergent Powder Screening (Machine)
  3. step – Rotary Sealing packing (Machine)

Detergent mixer machine – A machine when you put all raw materials in a pot and mix them together. This is the first step of the process, Such machine can be small, or big as industrial.

Detergent Powder Screening Machine – A machine when put raw materials after mixing this is the second step of the process. Such machine work as a clean and drying.

Rotary Sealing Machine – A machine when packing and sealing detergent powder, this is the final step of a process. Now, done! Supply your product in the market.

Detergent or Washing powder raw material list

  1. Labsa (96%)
  2. Soda Ash Light
  3. STPP
  4. Refined Salt
  5. Sodium Meta  Silicate (SHZo)
  6. Enzyme
  7. Optical Brightener
  8. Perfume
  9. Colour
  10. Zeolite

In this video, you can see washing powder manufacturing process & also packing.


Let me clear, Such business starting depends on your business plans and budget. That can start with minimum investment & small place 3 to 5 workers, such as small industry or business. That’s a great step to start a detergent manufacturing business and after all, you can grow and expand your small business to the national/multinational label. For ex: NIRMA

Nirma a leading brand of washing powder company in India. Mr. KarsanBhai Patel founder of NIRMA Industry When it began, then it was not industry. In 1969th Karsanbhai Patel starts washing powder business in a small room and selling that product by the bicycle. He moves toward success with her passions and hardworking. Net worth $260 million In 2016 according to Forbes.

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You were reading washing powder business plan if you have any question regarding washing powder business setup and process as well as raw materials & machinery. Feel free to ask below comment section without any hesitation. And don’t forget to share with your friends or other on social media network, Facebook Twitter, Google plus and so on.

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