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The website of the home page as the guide user to browse the other pages of the site in the optimization process and its important, reasonable layout, the importance of sorting, standard labels, beautiful interface, so as to increase the amount of PV site, we know the more PV, Ranking the better, there is his weight in the search engine, far greater than the inside pages, so the home page optimization for seo is very important.

For a site’s home page, in the optimization of the time must pay attention to these points:

First: the home page design exquisite, at least to be comfortable, but also be able to easily guide customers to browse, reduce the user to find what they need time cost, for the search engine is the same.

Second: the first page title to the only, the subject is clear.

It is important not to let viewers read, do not know what to do site, the home page title is not too long to write, I am in truth seo blog: << SEO beginners (a): Website title Optimization > > This blog post said, if there is still do not understand can see

The theme should be clear, although the home page for seo is very important, but can not have anything, do not appear three centers, it is more we can write separately.

Third: advertising should not be too much

Too much advertising will affect the mood of the viewer, will distract his attention, reduce the popularity of the site, a long time will be offensive, so too much advertising is not desirable.

Fourth: between the plate and the plate must be clear

This can help the site to classify and read.

Fifth: to be able to combine with the inside pages from the points

Due to the special status of the home page, may help to update the page as soon as possible, so the home page must appear important links to the site and not easily included in the page.

Sixth: can be updated frequently

Home page updates can greatly affect the time of the site snapshot, so I suggest that the home page to do the latest release or what the recent message, this is not only conducive to website updates, but also conducive to the inclusion of the page.

Seventh: Home keyword distribution

Keywords must be distributed evenly natural.

Eighth: Also the most important thing is the keyword density

The density must reach about 5%, so easy to highlight the center.

We should spend more time to maintain the home page, the home page to determine the success or failure of the site, the other site optimization also need to pay special attention to the following:

Spend more time to optimize the page link than in the home page to increase the number of links more useful;

Spend more time to original articles than the excerpts of other people’s articles more useful;

Spend more time to capture the article’s direction than the design article title more useful.

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