What are the characteristics of the site being down?


In the SEO forum often see “my site is not being down the right,” this post, the site was down the power of what characteristics? Today’s blog SEO summary of the site by the search engine down several of the performance.

Site or domain domain name is not the

first normal circumstances, through the site or domain domain name, the home page will appear in the first search results. So, when the home page is not the first time, your site may be down by the search engine.

The number of sites included in

the general situation, the number of sites included in the small fluctuations are normal, especially in large sites. But when the number of sites included in the moment a large number of reduction or reduce every day, it is obviously the site was down a performance.

Multiple keywords ranking volatility

The general site using white hat seo optimization techniques to optimize the site, there will be a number of keywords at the same time a significant reduction in the situation. When the site most of the keywords are in the same time a large area ranking decline, it is obviously very normal. This situation can be found through traffic statistics, a sudden flow of less than half, you will find a lot of long tail keywords are gone.

The website included as 0, or only the home Page

This is the site was plucked, and such a situation, your site must have a very serious problem, is not cheating? Is not the value of the spam website?

These four features is the common site was down the right performance, when your site was down the right time, the site snapshot update is relatively slow, the release of new articles are not included, then the site was down how to do?

Then you need to find out where the site was down in the end is a problem, first think about what the site recently done? What is the quality of the site content? Is not optimized too much? Is there a link to the link? Space is unstable, the site is black chain? If the above problems occur, please immediately solve, if not, insist on updating the website and adding outside the chain. Site is down the right to take some time to recover, we do not discouraged, do SEO optimization need to adhere to!

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