Why Nobody is Reading Your Blog


There’s an old adage that says: “If you build it, they will come”.

This may be true for companies launching in the ice age, however, it doesn’t fly in the era of technology, the internet, and the ability to reach anything, anytime, from anywhere. Consumers have more negotiating and purchasing power than ever before. Everything is a click of a button away. With the arrival and boom of the internet, this adage was debunked.

Many beginner bloggers seem to think that if they start writing a blog, readers will come to them. This “if you build it” attitude needs to be buried in the backyard before you even start blogging.

This infographic suggests that there are over 30 million bloggers in the US alone. The infographic is dated back to 2012, and in over a year, I bet that number has increased significantly. People are shrugging off corporate careers for freelancing and blogging. Blogs have become a popular social platform. They are part of every day business and they can, themselves, become businesses.

As a blogger, you are competing with millions of other blogs. There are hundreds of thousands on the same topic or in the same realm as your own. Want to grow your audience? You’ll need to find a way to rise above the drone of other blogger’s voices.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Blogging is neither an exclusive nor a competitive market. A reader doesn’t read one blog alone. Often, a single person will be subscribed to dozens, if not hundreds of blogs on various topics. However, a few of these blogs will push to the top of the pile, will establish an authority, and will engage readers and followers to the point of establishing a successful blog following.

Once you have a following, you can make more money and you will find more opportunity.

Here are some reasons why nobody is reading your blog:

  • Your content is boring (“today, I went to the park with my kids. It was cold. We went home.”)
  • Your writing is poor (know the difference between than and then, they’re, their, and there, and study punctuation and grammar)
  • Your blog is unsightly (you are using a generic WordPress theme)
  • Your formatting lacks a “flow” (you are using “fat” paragraphs, not using headings, no images)
  • Your content is unoriginal (you are writing posts like “3 ways to save money on gas”)
  • You aren’t optimizing your blog for search engines (you expect readers to find you through.. telepathy?)
  • You aren’t seeking readers; you expect them to come to you (again.. telepathy?)
  • You aren’t engaging readers (it’s not all about you)
  • You aren’t on social media (you are wasting the most powerful tools of our generation)
  • You aren’t establishing an authority (why would anybody read something if they don’t trust that you are an expert on it?)
  • You aren’t trustworthy (people prefer trustworthy sources of entertainment)
  • You aren’t controversial (not a “must have” but definitely gets the conversation going)
  • Your website is hard to navigate (not having a “next post” button, no “home” button)
  • You’ve spammed your blog beyond recognition with ads (which makes it unsightly, unoriginal, not trustworthy, and boring)
  • You aren’t engaging other bloggers (they aren’t just your competition, they are your allies).

Do a thorough analysis of your blog. Which of these are you doing? Which are you missing?

I’ll be writing about many of these in the weeks to come, to help other bloggers become more successful with their websites. Will it be difficult? Yes. Time consuming? More than anything. Draining? You bet. You’ll likely want to quit a thousand times. The people that hang in there, that stick it out and try their best? Those are the people who become successful.

My mission is to help you figure it out sooner, rather than later. 

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