Write original articles can not be afraid of hard


Do SEO know, the site content must be original, but write an original article, really more time-consuming. Very often, I want to write what the original content of the subject? Write the original content is too difficult, many individual owners are afraid to write the original article. In fact, write this article this thing, there is no secret, rely on are more to see more write. Xiaobian under the analysis of their own writing original article ideas.

Original Content

The first point, when we want to write the original content, but do not know what to write the theme, we can go to the industry-related forum to see. Like me, to write SEO articles, I will go to the A5 Forum to visit, see the post, there will be inspiration, you can determine what theme to write the original content of today.


The second point, really no inspiration, do not know what to write when the article, we can write a sense of reading, such as you think an article written well, you pointed out that this article is good, if you think an article is not good, You point out that this article is not right, that is, to express their point of view. This is a very good way, for example, I read what news today, I will write a view of their own news, this is an original content.


The third point, really can not write anything when we can use other articles to pseudo-original, how false original? When you see a good article, you use your own words to re-write the same view and this article, because each person’s expression is not the same, you write in their own words, this is actually an original article , Of course, sometimes ineffective.

Above 3 points, is the commonly used skills, write the original article, do not be afraid of hard, afraid of hard to write, or that sentence, see more write, write more natural will be.

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